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In Parma, ID working on a 90 Chevy

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Yup I'm now starting to travel for work some. Hooked up with an old friend and doing work on his 1990 Chevy 350 Pickup. Steering column came loose at the tilt. Then a new hood cable. Getting more complex the master and slave for the cluch needed to be replaced. Bad part thevtubing rust together and broke. Fun installing that line. Now I'm trying to do a thermostat and power steering hose. Sad to say the passenger side bolt on the thermostat broke and the power steering hose to bound up too. Oh fun.


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Rust sucks.... simple jobs turn into projects.


I had to do the loose tilt column on my 89. I was surprised at how easy it was.


FYI... Don't know if you've already done it, but the bolt are E-bolts, or something like that. Reverse torx.

Bought these at HF. Don't remember what size was needed.


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So got the stud out of the manifold. Team effort and welded a nut on the remaining stud and twisted right out with a wrench. 20220217_151447.jpg


Needless to say the job is not quite complete and had to come home for other jobs and get more tools for the next one back there was the power steering hose. (pressure). The nut on the steering box is wedged in so tight I can't move it. So take a dremel tool and cut the steel tube out of the top and then use a socket and impact gun to remove the remaining nut and tubing tip in the steering box. 


Then I was warned the I've got more work when I return. I'll have to work on Gary's Ford truck next with a starter issue. Most likely a safety system (clutch safety) or something electrical. Either way I'm managing to still fill my days with work every day.


So on that 1990 Chevy I did in 3 days...:rolleyes:

  • Steering column tilt tighten the 3 bolts. 
  • Replace both master slave cylinders plus the rusted steel tubing from driver side to passenger side for the clutch system.
  • Changed a thermostat which turned into broken stud.
  • REMAINING - Change power steering hose. 
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