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2001 2500 Fan Pulley bolts

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Anyone have or know where I can find the 6 fan pulley bolts for an 01 2nd gen.  My son's fan hub bearing froze and sheared all the bolts of the fan pulley.  I've tried MoparPartsGiant and they are stating there is an 80 day wait!....really need them much sooner.  Even if I knew length, thread/pitch then I could go from there...





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Can you get one out of the fan hub for a pattern


Rockauto lists the thread as 5/16-18 if that is correct it's 5/16th UNC, as for length measure depth of hole in hub, add fan and washer thickness and subtract some so as bolts aren't bottoming out.

As for grade, 8.8 minimum, 10.9 is what I would use


https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=815215&cc=1366602&pt=6812&jsn=455             doesn't list the bolts but shows the size on the specs of the hub


Me I'd get 5/16th UNC say 1 3/4" long 10.9 grade with spring washers and cut to length making sure after cutting to length they all screw into the hub by hand, also don't get bolts get set screws, set screws do not have a shoulder bolts do (at least they do here in the UK)

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3 hours ago, BDK said:

Thanks Guys! and yes Silverwolf, they are the 6 that attach the pulley to the bearing hub.  



DOH.... sorry wrong bolts

I should have spotted " 6 " 

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