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F-350 6.0 fun

Max Tune

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Finished doing some upgrades on my Ford today. Bulletproof EGR cooler, oil cooler relocate, water pump, blue spring fuel upgrade, an injector, and cleaning up the stuck variable vanes in the turbo.....

Tue, wed, Fri, sat....9-10 hours each.

Took Thursday off to let my body recoup a little. Lower ribs and stomach are bruised along with my forearms and inner biceps. Almost everything has to be done laying on the grill/radiator, legs hanging in the air. 

Quite the experience. One I hope to never have to repeat. This truck was definitely engineered to not be user friendly. Running good again. (Knock on wood)


Makes me love and appreciate my Dodge all the more.....

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The new cooler should "never" have problems again. EGR delete is a problem with emissions testing. Even though we don't have diesel testing here right now, it's definitely coming and I don't want to add anymore issues to the list that these trucks inherintly come with.

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