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Rear bumpers


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Here's a shop built bumper on my previous 79 Chevy C30. Channel iron with a rounded section welded in the corners. The lightest piece on it was the License Plate inset in 1/4" plate. Cheap Lic Plate lights quickly failed to be replaced by SignalStat Truck lights. Lights & Lic Plate were through bolted with stainless & lock nuts. Finish is rustolium... touch up spray every couple of years. Bumper was totally solid when I sold the truck in 2006. 4 BIG bolts each side & a stop welded to the bumper so it could not be pushed forward but could be unbolted to remove. It caught 3 cars over the years, no scratches in the tailgate. I felt very sorry for the cute co-ed who slid into me in the slush at a stop light... likely totalled her BF's car. It crumpled the hood & etc pretty good & the green flood was gushing everywhere.

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The shop built reciever was very solid but the cross pin hole was a tad off square which was a PITA.

Mounting the trailer wire socket in the bumper cost me replacements when hit & when a garage pushed the truck... It would have been better mounted underneath.

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My purchase from bumper dude turned out to be a NIGHTMARE the bumper did not fit and came missing all the hardware what a joke of business The bumper they make does not clear the rear spring shakles on the short bed models :nono: no one asked me what size bed or cab I have But they refunded the money with no questions asked I went with this here http://www.ranchhand.com/products.aspx?year=2002&make=Dodge&model=2500%20Pick-up&description=Back%20Bumper%20Without%20Lights fits well and clears the hitch fine and looks beefy as hell I cant wait to hit some walls :tongue::lmao:

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