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[help!] Steering shaft depth on new Bluetop steering box

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Hi! Finishing up the install of the Bluetop steering gear tonight and I'm second-guessing myself.


How deep should the steering shaft (I think it's called) go onto the new gear box splined input?

I attached two pics. first shows about the length of the gearbox input, and second is as far as I could shove the steering shaft onto that gearbox input spline.


Does that look like a good depth? if not, any tricks for getting it on further? It's been a bit of a battle so far. 



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From looking at your photos, the steering shaft can only slide on to a specific position.  The first photo shows a space between two sets of splines.  The bolt will pass though that space when the steering shaft is slid onto the steering gearbox shaft into the correct position.  That is what keeps it connected even if the bolt came loose.


Your second photo shows that the steering shaft needs to go farther onto the steering box shaft.  There may be a burr on one of the splines.  Make sure the splines are clean and add a few drops of oil to help it slide on.  Light tapping with a small hammer may help.


- John

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