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Need some help Two problem. Track bar/ No bus

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Hey guys, need some help with and 01 2500 4x4 reg. cab 151000mi. my first problem is with the track bar. Bought a truck from an auction, had no track bar. On a budget so went to advance auto parts got an oe track bar, truck has a leveling kit on. Anyway the ball joint end that attaches at the frame doesn't seem to seat correctly its like there just not enough slack in the ball joint. Am I doing something wrong or am I fighting the leveling kit and need and adjustable track. Really thought its would work with just a leveling kit? Tryed everything I can think of it just will not seat correctly you can get the nut started but it dont lay flat if that makes sense. Second problem and the worst is the no bus, no gauges, truck still runs, trans acts like it taking off in a higher gear, no link to pull codes. Did the cluster test get a 920 , 921, 999. I have check the grounds, checked the bus bolt under the fuse cover, check the big harness under the dash. I have unplugged all the sensors except the crank sensor and checked that way. Like I said I am on a tight tight budget and seem to me the pcm is bad want to check everything before buying a pcm. Also if you guys think its the pcm where is the best place to buy on the cheap. Thanks Guys

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