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Are these pics normal? The crossover tube have a brown rust look to them whats up with that? The fuel line where it conects to the tube looks to have a sealer on it or something, the pics didnt come out good but you can see something there. This motor is a total virgin , never had a wrench to it except the water pump. So what ever that stuff is on the top of the tube came from the factory that way.The owner told me the truck set for about 10 months after his uncle died then he drove it for about a year then wrecked it about 1 month ago. When I looked at it the bare metal hadnt even started rusting yet so I know it didnt set long till I got it. What do yall think.




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Totally normal. Nothing to worry about. It is a void they sit in so a wee bit of condensation is what discolors it. As far as the substance its normal for fittings to have a sealer or locking compound on them when they come from the factory.

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