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What I've Done

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My truck just turned 140,000 miles this past weekend coming home from my second trip to SEMO. Had I not run thru a "front" and have the wind shift from straight South to NE, I would've gotten another 20-21mpg tank. That's running 65-68mph. That said, I thought I'd share with y'all what I've done to my truck since I got her. I'm pulling this from the top of my head, so bear with me here.Mods in order of installation.1. Fuel Tank Vent Mod.......IMHO, the best "bang for the buck" mod there is.....Done at about 11,000 miles2. MBRP Free Flow Exhaust........Cat Back......Still on and looking good...Done at about 14,000 miles3. K&N intake System.......then replaced with Fram Boost 2 Intake System.... Done at about 14,000 miles4. Edge Juice w/Attitude.....good power, mild increase in mileage, hot towing heavy.....at 23,000 miles5. MotorGuard TP Bypass Filter........Done at about 40,000 miles6. GDP Walbro Lift Pump System......Done at about 40,000 miles7. SouthBend Con OFE Clutch..........Done at 71,000 miles due to major slippage!!!!:cool:8. Smarty.........Done at about 90,000 miles...........gobs better than the J w/A9. BD Steering Box Stabilizer......Done at about 100,000 milesThat's been pretty much since.Here's the major repairs now.1. Rear Main Seal.......done under warranty2. Rearmost U-joint........done at 60,000 miles3. SouthBend Clutch........done at 71,000 miles4. Ball Joints, Tie Rod Ends, Front Axle U-Joints, Front Pinion Seal........done at 74,000 miles5. New Tires.......Done at 81,000 miles.6. New CP3........Done at about 97,000 due to leakage.7. New Axle U-Joints (again) and replace 2 seals on engine front.......done at 114,000I'm sure there's some stuff I missed...........y'all will please tell me (I'm sure).............since I've told most everything about my truck on this forum to begin with!!!!!!!:lmao2::lmao2:All in all, this truck has been good to me. As much as I loved my '99, this 04.5 is "twice" the truck IMHO and much, much nicer to drive.............and drive on long trips. I make about 5-7 "long" trips a year, and we usually take my truck, because it'll tow a big-assed trailer and get good mileage without blowing up, it's got 4 "normal" opening doors, you can "load" it down in addition to the trailer and because it's got comfortable seats. The seats aren't as good in the 04.5 as they were in the '99 though. Those '99 front seats were really comfortable...................Way more so than any Ford (which suck IMHO) and GM!!!!Mike, I may reach 200,000 before you do!!!:smart::doh:

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Mike, I may reach 200,000 before you do!!!:smart::doh:

BS you are... I'm at 181K head to 182K really quick... Now that the roads and weather are getting better I'm able to get out of the valley more...

As for my mess... As for the 50K milestone I made up my mind and became my own warranty station. (Bye Bye Dodge Dealer!)

[*]Front Drive Shaft - 27K (Warranty)

[*]Rear Pinion Seal - 27K (Warranty)

[*]Multi-function Switch - 35K (Warranty)

[*]Air Horns - 46K

[*]Reverse Lights - 46K

[*]Crankcase Vent Mod was Born - 48K (Certified by my dealer)

[*]Gauges - 48K

[*]Lift Pump Replaced - 48K (Warranty)

[*]VP44 Replace - 50K (Warranty)

[*]Exhaust Brake - 50K

[*]Muffler Delete - 55K

[*]BHAF - 60K

[*]Vulcan Big Line Kit - 79K

[*]Lift Pump Replaced - 79K

[*]Edge Comp - 92K

[*]Lift Pump Replaced - 93K

[*]Frantz Filter - 106K

[*]AirDog 150 Installed - 133K

[*]Fuel Gauge Sender - 136K

[*]RV275 Injectors - 160K

[*]Starter Contacts - 180K

(As well there is stuff missing here)

Looking down the road at... (currently at 181K on the clock)

[*]Gear case gasket and crank seal

[*]Replacing my Evaporator again (Warranty)

[*]Doing my first brake pad replacement

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Pretty good reports and luck! Hope I can be so lucky. I know BJ's are around the corner, and probably followed by a clutch.. but all in all I am pretty darn pleased for the 64K miles I have put on the truck.. Really all I have had done warranty wise was a CP3 at 28K for a small seep, and an intercooler (had the OEM Plastic POS) at 48K.

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Nice! Cummins diesels are very powerful stock, but with mods they become insanely powerful!

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