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My 01 spuddered today for the first time. Here are the codes I read 0500, 1693,0234 and 0522. the last 2 didn't show untill the 2nd cycle when it goes thru the code thing.

Now what do I do?

I'm j-hooked with a turnbuckle. 4" turbo back and torque dog. Towing 6500# with the dog set in the stock position.

Any help would be appriciated greatly since I'm out of town working.

--- Update to the previous post...

I forgot to add. Never got a cel and it seems to be running ok now. Going to remove the turnbuckle when she cools down.

Also forgot to thank mopar man for all his advise, info and help the other day on the phone. Thanks dude!!!

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P0500 doesn't need much of a tire spin. Ok to explain the P0500 a bit better it like your sitting in a driveway and waiting for traffic to clear and you get a gap and BAM! Get into the throttle and get rolling. Ok what just happened? There is 2 sensors in the front axle monitoring front tires speed and there is 1 sensor on the top of the rear axle housing. So now when you launch from a stop and the rear tire slip or spin slightly the speed will rise on the rear speed sensor say to 10-20 MPH and the front axle is showing 5-8 MPH... POOF! P0500 error code set. The rest it set is because the ABS computer can't understand how half a truck is going twice as fast as the other half and the brakes are not even pressed?! :cookoo: (Computer goes nuts produces a error code). As for errors reseting themselve its possible to do but the ECM and PCM require 40 warm up cycles to clear 1 code. A warm up cycle is going from a cold engine past 160*F without throwing the same code again. So the next warm up cycle will be at the next cold start from temps below 140*F.

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