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Help Needed Rough Idle in Park when up to Temperature

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:ahhh::banghead::cry:1998.5, 5.9, 24 Valve, 2500 Dodge P/U with 190,000 milesInstalled fuel pressure gauge, Air dog filter and pump, along with a new VP44 from RPM Diesel in Fort Lauderdale, FL. at about 183,000. Today it cranked up and ran fine until I got to work backed up and put in park. Thats when I noticed the rough idle. When I got off work it started and idled fine, ran with no loss of power all the way home at 12 PSI. At the first light off the interstate it idled fine but when I got home it started to idle rough, and then when I put it in park it became noticeably worse but revved in park and accelerated fine when put in drive. Tonight I changed the filter on the Air Dog and checked for any noticable leaks but found none. After, I cranked it up and cracked each injector to see which one would make it get worse or not change. Unfortunately, all of the seemed to show evidence that its not the injectors. Please Please Please help, I have come to realize that there is not one good cummins diesel mechanic down here and I don't have enough vaseline to go to a dealer. Forgot, it didn't throw any codes either.
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