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Im working on redoing few things on my grandparents camper, but if i join one more forum I dont think I can keep up :lmao2: -Jordan-

Hey why don't you start a new thread here in the Trailer & RV forum... One of our members here happen to work at aRV service center... As for sites to keep up with... www.mopar1973man.com articles.mopar1973man.com forum.mopar1973man.com www.idahoturbodiesels.com www.dieseltrucksite.com www.ramforum.com www.cumminsforum.com www.vbulletin.com www.vbulletin.org www.joomla.org www.tractorfarmandfamily.com www.rvforum.net I think I surf enough too... :banghead: :ahhh:
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