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  1. MarbleCrusher


  2. MarbleCrusher

    Road Rage At Its Finest

    Ha ha i havent seen that one before, that was good
  3. MarbleCrusher

    Bhaf For Mpg

    I use the Wix 2790 and an Outerwear prefilter, direct fit once the airbox is removed. Get that oily K&N junk out of there and put a bhaf in! -Jordan-
  4. MarbleCrusher

    03-09 Dodge Tie Rod Recall

    Got one in the mail on my 2011 work truck, says to not even schedule an appointment to bring it in till after February the 14th or something like that. -Jordan-
  5. MarbleCrusher

    High Mileage Badges

    Im creeping up on 200k better go ahead and register so i can get the 100k then the 200k later!
  6. MarbleCrusher

    Death Wobble

    Its a fairly common problem, if you search around on here youll find plenty of info and threads on the issue. Basically its a sign of worn out front end parts. Track bar is most commonly the main problem of it all but a steering box brace can help as well as checking all other front end parts (ball joints, tie rod ends etc) -Jordan-
  7. MarbleCrusher

    Few 2nd gen things for sale in North Texas

    Bumper is sold and everything else is pending-Jordan-
  8. I have a complete volant CAI for a 98.5-02 everything is there including all the cleaning stuff, filter has around 10,000 miles on it. Looking for $160 Full factory exhaust only cut in one spot, in great shape with all the hangers. Im thinking $80 Factory front bumper with fog lights (no bulbs or sockets) 2 small dings the chrome is not chipped $100. Only thing ill ship is the CAI. Im located 45 minutes north of Dallas -Jordan-
  9. MarbleCrusher


    Heres half of what me and a few buddies have split and stacked -Jordan-
  10. MarbleCrusher

    new guy from south Dakota

    Welcome to the forum!-Jordan-
  11. Anybody have the cummins part number for the double lip crank seal wear sleeve and install tool?Thanks-Jordan-
  12. MarbleCrusher

    NV5600 fluid

    Mine has been doing that since i bought it with 110k roughly 160k on it now with no problems -Jordan-
  13. MarbleCrusher

    fan hub bearing

    Going to be helping a buddy replace his fan hub bearing on his 07 with a 5.9 looks pretty self explanatory as far as replacement and removal anybody out there done one and have any advice for anything that might be tricky that im not seeing?Thanks-Jordan-
  14. MarbleCrusher

    Another Canuck joins the mix....

    Welcome to the site!-Jordan-
  15. MarbleCrusher

    New registered

    Welcome aboard!-Jordan-