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  1. War Eagle

    New, to me, chainsaw!!

    Interesting that the topic of chainsaws has come up. I just bought a Stihl MS271 (Farm Boss) with 20" bar two weeks ago. Stihl has a sale going on and I needed to remove about a dozen 18-20 inch diameter trees on my place. They were advertising $30 off this model and if you purchased a 6-pack on Stihl brand 2 cycle oil they would double your warranty. I have an Echo CS3400 that I have used for years to trim trees and take hunting to cut fire wood and remove downed trees on the road etc. I have really liked the Echo because it is so compact (handle on top rather than out the back) Arbor guys use this style when up in the trees because it is easier to handle. The Echo is too small and would take too much work to remove the trees I want to take down so you can see the reason why I needed a new Stihl, right? The job of felling those trees was pretty short work with the Stihl. I was impressed with the speed I could chew through those trees.
  2. I use the EBC yellow pads. Designed for heavy loads of RVs. I've read all the pros and cons for drilled and/or slotted rotors and just finally decided that the only way I'll ever know the truth about it is to run them myself to see how they work with my style of driving and loads I carry. I first ran slotted rotors of the front of my gen 2 Ram (disk brakes only on the front on gen 2 trucks). I have had them on for several years before I bought my gen 3 Ram. No abnormal wear or any cracking, No squealing. Liked them so when I decided to do brake upgrade on my 3rd gen I went with the drilled and slotted rotors on the front and rear. I put those and the EBC brake pads on a little over 3 years ago and I am very happy with the setup. No perceived abnormal wear and no squealing and no heat cracking or any problems at all. I've had to anchor the truck a couple of times when I was heavy loaded and my stopping was very satisfactory.
  3. I have a PacBrake on my 05. I have a beefed up tranny (triple disk low stall converter, billet input, modified valve body and a bunch of other goodies inside). I can use the exhaust brake in the top 3 gears because it will lock the converter but the slowest speed the brake will control to is slightly under 20 mph. That won't be good enough on steep mountain back roads. Good brakes and rotors will be a plus but dropping the transfer case to low will be very useful to control your speed without a lot of heavy brake use. I use heavy slotted rotors and have had very good luck with them.
  4. War Eagle

    Drive train info

    My vote is with the GPS. Doesn't make any difference what tire size you are wearing or gearing you are running. Adjust the tire diameter input as needed to make the speedo match the gps reading and you will be good.
  5. First thing I noticed was that my OH computer started to tell me the outdoor temp was 130 degrees F. Now every time I check its 130 degrees F. Then a little while later it started to reset the ave mpg every time the truck started. So every time I start the truck the ave mpg reported is 0. However, as you drive it appears to be working to calculate the ave mpg but it now starts at zero. The miles driven are being reported the same as the odometer. Any one have any similar experience? If I wanted to fix the problem, what needs to be fixed? Is there module or computer or something that needs replacement? If I choose not to fix it am I risking something else not working right in the system? As an example is the overhead doing or reporting anything to some other system on the truck that is now negatively affecting some other operation?
  6. You drill a new vent hole in the tank at the high spot. Then install a new bulk head fitting and then run the vent hose from the new bulk head fitting up to the fill spout and connect it to the place where the stock vent hose connected. I just took the stock vent hose and shortened it and the plugged it off and just zip tied it to the filler neck so it doesn't bounce around or dangle. The other end of the stock vent hose is still connected to the stock vent location on the tank. I didn't have any better way to seal off and abandon the original vent hole in the tank. Obviously you need to drop the tank to do this mod, so you'll have a few hours tied up in this project.
  7. I have had a hand full of really good tanks over the years of driving my third gen. On one trip driving to Florida In January I got a couple of tanks that were way above normal. Got a picture of one that provided 460+ miles to the half tank level and one with 200+ miles just getting off the fuel tank gauge post. On other trips I thought I should have gotten more than I actually did and I can't always tell why either one of these conditions occurred (even when I'm trying to drive for good mpg's). I start with a little more fuel on board than most. My tank holds 37 gallons of fuel (I have relocated the vent tap at the highest point on the stock tank) so this allows me to fill my tank faster and allows me to put more fuel into it.
  8. I have a 3500 SRW 4x4 that I wear 19.5s on. This is dictated because the load I carry is way over the weight rating of the 17 inch wheels an tires available. I carry a heavy camper with a slide and tow a boat which loads my rear axle at nearly 8500 pounds. I wear the 19.5s during the non winter months only and run Hankook AH11's on Vision aluminum rims. This is a steer tire and and I have nearly 50k on them at this time. I'll easily get over 100k from them and maybe a significant amount more. In winter months I use my stock 17 wheels and traction tires. I chose this path because I haven't found a very good selection of snow and ice traction tires in 19.5. Since I don't carry my camper and drag the boat around in the winter I don't need the weight carrying capacity of the 19.5s. In my research, I have found that the 19.5 traction tread tires don't get anywhere near the mileage of a steer tread tire. Also there is a very limited selection of traction tread compared to 17 inch tires. So rather than buying a 19.5 traction tire that won't give me long life I just decided that I was going to use the two tire and wheel strategy for my driving needs. If you go the 19.5 route I would suggest checking wheel prices for Vision wheels. I got mine through Discount tire. 5 rims and 4 sets of lug nuts for around $900. If the new truck you are thinking of buying is a dually then it would not be necessary to go to 19'5s to carry the kind of load I'm carrying. Over the last few years I also have seen one or two ads for 19.5 wheel and tire sets in Craigslist. If you're not in a hurry then you might find something that would work for you there. The tires had a little break-in time but I really like them. They run smooth and quiet. They are heavy and have a very stiff sidewall. This is a perfect combination for carrying my camper. Little to no swaying now with the high center of gravity load I carry. Even though the rotating mass is about 50 # per tire heavier than my stock 17's, I get a bit better mileage than when I'm running my 17s. I attribute that too the lower rolling resistance of the stiff sidewall tires.
  9. War Eagle

    Going to Oregon...

    If you have the Idaho Enhanced carry permit it is good for something like 38 states and it is recognized as acceptable training to apply for the Oregon carry permit. In general Oregon doesn't like to offer many out of state carry permits but Malhuer county is one county that does offer them. You have to make an appointment on line to apply for the permit (must go to Vale to make the formal application) and you have to have your training certificate as well as a mental health declaration from the sheriff that issued you your Idaho Enhanced carry permit. That mental health declaration must not be older than 60 days when you present it to the Malheur County Sheriff. The reason I mention the age issue is because when you go online to make your appointment for the carry permit application you will see there is about an 8 week backlog. So it's best to make your Malheur appointment then get your mental health declaration in a timely fashion to make your appointment. The other thing you might just need to be aware of is the duration of your permit life. In Idaho the Enhanced carry permit is good for 5 years (then must be renewed while the Oregon permit is only good for 4 years then requires renewal.
  10. There is a fair amount of water/meth injection info on Youtube that goes way beyond what JOHNFAK had posted. I just looked up Snow water/meth injection and got a list of things such as: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=snow+performance+water%2Fmethanol+injection+boost+cooler+ You can also look up other manufacturers and get similar info: i.e. Devils own, AEM and there maybe others.
  11. At one time in the distant past there was someone from this forum that was running water/meth injection. If my memory serves me right I think he ending up dumping it. He then went to twins I think. I'm thinking it was JOHNFAK. I don't remember much about his experience but if it was him and if he is still around then he could probably provide some useful insight on his experience.
  12. Since the 19.5's are a taller tire you need to reset your speedo/odometer calibration. IF you haven't done that then your odometer and speedo will be off. This alone would make the odometer record less miles than you are actually going, so your mpg calculations will be wrong. As mentioned by Dieselfuture the taller tires will change your final drive ratio of your truck. In this case if you have a 3.55 then the new final drive ratio would be like 3.40 or something similar. This will increase the load on your engine.
  13. I went with the Vision wheels and I got them from Discount Tire. I checked prices at Bruneel, Les Schwab, and the internet. Internet was cheaper than these dealers. Discount Tire doesn't do 19.5 truck tires or any other commercial truck tire but they do get involved with the specialty wheel market so they quoted me a price for the Vision wheels that ended up being $125 cheaper than the cheapest price I could find anywhere for 4 wheels (and their price was for 5 wheels) so I bought the wheels there. With lug nuts and tax it was just at $900 and change. Vision includes center caps with their wheels and you can get open or closed. you have to specify "open" if you want them. I only use the 19.5's during the non winter months because I can get much better winter snow and Ice traction tires in 17" than you can get in the commericcial 19.5 market and I'm not carrying any heavy loads in the winter months. So I just purchased steer tires for my 19.5's. I ended up going with the Hankook AH11. Bruneel gave me the best price for the tires of all the quotes I got from the local tire dealers. I had them install the metal stems and they did the mounting and bead balance. I also had them sipe all 5 tires to improve wet weather traction. There are a lot of steer tire manufacturers so your choice of options is fairly large. Not as many choices in the traction tire option. I run 245x19.5 size When first installed the tires were a little squirrley on the grooved freeway but after a few thousand miles that behavior all went away. The tires are very smooth rolling and I get my best mileage when I've got my 19.5's vs my 17's. I think this is due to the stiffer sidewall which gives you significantly less rolling resistance compared to the 17's. I have noticed no measureable loss of braking performance or acceleration performance due to the heavier mass of these tires. My 19.5's are about 125lbs per tire while the 17's are about 84lbs per tire. Based on my experience with these 19.5's, if I was found considering going to 19.5's again in the future, then I would choose to do it all again. It's been a very good experience for me and how I use my truck.
  14. If it turns out to be a balance issue then you may have to add beads to the tires. I don't recall how much out of balance the Centramatics will correct but beads will enhance the out of balance correction capabilities of the Centramatics
  15. I scaled my 3rd gen truck last August (SB 4x4 with canopy) with one ton of pellets in the bed under the canopy and with my 19.5's on and the front axle was 4550 lbs and the rear axle was 5800 lbs. If the pellets actual weight was 2000 lbs then my truck was at 8350 total weight. I had full fuel, myself and some tools.