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  1. I use the power stop slotted and drilled rotors on my Ram 3500. However I run the EBC LTS pads (green Box). I also run 19.5s in the spring to Fall time frame when I'm towing or hauling so I put a pretty good load on my brakes. My towing is a 14K trailer or hauling a 4k slide in camper. I have used the brake and rotor combo since 2014 and have over 60k miles on it. No noise, great stopping power and I haven't seen any non-normal wear on rotors or pads. Still the original EBC pads I installed and they have tons of wear left on them. I also have a pac-brake so that helps to mini
  2. I looked at many brands for both sizing capacity (BTU output) burn efficiency, auto start capability, fuel burn rate, stove style and cost. There were lots of brands that have auto start features as well as many styles to choose from. I tried to get as much technical info as I could about them to help me evaluate other features I was interested in. To make a long story short I chose the Harman brand because it could burn multiple types of fuel (such as wood pellets and/or corn ) and it could be throttled down to 3/4 of a pound per hour burn rate and still stay running. There wer
  3. I have 2 Harman Pellet stoves that I have installed about 13 years ago. They will heat the house completely and keep it at what ever temp you want. The main heating system for the house is water source heat pump which supplies heating and cooling for the house. The pellet stoves were installed for back up heat in the winter so that if I was to loose electricity or the pump for my water source I could have heat for the house. My mother in law came to live with us in the last few years of her life so I installed a battery back up system for the pellet stoves. When the stoves are
  4. With only 50 hours on the tractor then I'm guessing she is still under warranty. If that is so then I would highly recommend you follow the pre-defined service schedule for lube, fluid changes and filters and make sure you keep good documentation on product used and hours on the clock if you are doing all the service yourself.. Heaven forbid and you ever have a warranty claim you can bet Kubota will look closely at the service and products used to maintain that machine. Super UDT-2 is good stuff and actually will dampen some of the noise from the HST.
  5. War Eagle

    War Eagle

  6. This article is broken and I don't know why. If you look under Gen 3 Articles, Truck Exterior, LED light...., then you will see the article with all the pictures. If for some reason that link doesn't work for you then PM me and I can send you a copy of the article with pictures to your email.
  7. This article is broken (under Gen 2) and I don't know why. The photos were not in PhotoBucket so that is not the reason they aren't showing. I think it got broken when everything was move to the new site software. Look under Gen 3 articles and Truck Exterior and you will see the LED lighting article with all the pictures. If for some reason that link isn't working for you then send me a PM and I'll send you the article with pictures in a seperate email response.
  8. I have the Oregon permit and yes if you get the Idaho enhanced permit it will meet the Oregon requirements with the exception that you also have to have a letter from your local sheriff stating that you have no mental problems that would keep you from owning a gun. Easy to get by just going into your county sheriff and they look up your record and pen you a letter that you take to the Sheriff in Vale. In Vale you give them a copy of your enhanced training certificate, the no mental problems letter (from your home town county sheriff) give your finger prints, picture and $60 bucks and then th
  9. Best of luck to you on your surgery and your recovery!
  10. Interesting that the topic of chainsaws has come up. I just bought a Stihl MS271 (Farm Boss) with 20" bar two weeks ago. Stihl has a sale going on and I needed to remove about a dozen 18-20 inch diameter trees on my place. They were advertising $30 off this model and if you purchased a 6-pack on Stihl brand 2 cycle oil they would double your warranty. I have an Echo CS3400 that I have used for years to trim trees and take hunting to cut fire wood and remove downed trees on the road etc. I have really liked the Echo because it is so compact (handle on top rather than out the b
  11. I use the EBC yellow pads. Designed for heavy loads of RVs. I've read all the pros and cons for drilled and/or slotted rotors and just finally decided that the only way I'll ever know the truth about it is to run them myself to see how they work with my style of driving and loads I carry. I first ran slotted rotors of the front of my gen 2 Ram (disk brakes only on the front on gen 2 trucks). I have had them on for several years before I bought my gen 3 Ram. No abnormal wear or any cracking, No squealing. Liked them so when I decided to do brake upgrade on my 3rd g
  12. I have a PacBrake on my 05. I have a beefed up tranny (triple disk low stall converter, billet input, modified valve body and a bunch of other goodies inside). I can use the exhaust brake in the top 3 gears because it will lock the converter but the slowest speed the brake will control to is slightly under 20 mph. That won't be good enough on steep mountain back roads. Good brakes and rotors will be a plus but dropping the transfer case to low will be very useful to control your speed without a lot of heavy brake use. I use heavy slotted rotors and have had very good
  13. My vote is with the GPS. Doesn't make any difference what tire size you are wearing or gearing you are running. Adjust the tire diameter input as needed to make the speedo match the gps reading and you will be good.
  14. First thing I noticed was that my OH computer started to tell me the outdoor temp was 130 degrees F. Now every time I check its 130 degrees F. Then a little while later it started to reset the ave mpg every time the truck started. So every time I start the truck the ave mpg reported is 0. However, as you drive it appears to be working to calculate the ave mpg but it now starts at zero. The miles driven are being reported the same as the odometer. Any one have any similar experience? If I wanted to fix the problem, what needs to be fixed? Is there module o
  15. You drill a new vent hole in the tank at the high spot. Then install a new bulk head fitting and then run the vent hose from the new bulk head fitting up to the fill spout and connect it to the place where the stock vent hose connected. I just took the stock vent hose and shortened it and the plugged it off and just zip tied it to the filler neck so it doesn't bounce around or dangle. The other end of the stock vent hose is still connected to the stock vent location on the tank. I didn't have any better way to seal off and abandon the original vent hole in the tank. Obviously you
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