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Has anyone heard of or dealt with these guys before?

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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this or not (if not someone can move it). I am looking for/considering a 2nd gen dodge cummins. I came across this dealer online and was wondering if anyone has dealt with them and what you guys think of this place. Seems like they have some clean trucks. Any input and advice would be appreciated. http://www.usedcumminstrucks.com/

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I would by a semi built truck of someone on the forum and gave it compression tested and the trans looked at .... And keep an extra couple grand to side

I will keep my eyes open for semi built trucks for sale on this and other forums, but I am not seeing to many

Looks like some clean trucks and boy are they proud of most of them.

They do seem very proud of what they do in the videos.

I was born in Cortland and grew up in DeRuyter, those are definitely not local trucks that were driven in fall winter or spring around there

They say the get trucks form out west and texas, places where rust is not common, unlike here in the north east

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