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everyone knows the CTD is quick, but in my pursuit of quickness i have noticed that when i get to ~2600rpm there isn't a lot left.... i would thank that my fuel rate is dropping, but i have an airdog 150.my truck is completly stock except for the dog and a "boost elbow". i have a 1999 2wd 2500 5speed.is it just me or is this normal for the cummins?thx for the helpbryan

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i see... i thought that 24 valves kept the torque high in high rpms.

is it because i'm hitting 21psi boost?

does the edge comp do it, or just drag comp?

do you have to "splice" the wire to "turn off" defuel?

Yes you must tap the wire...

Posted Image

Edge Comp fuels with normal de-fueling (2,700 RPM)

Edge Drag Comp fuels all the way to 3,200 RPM (redline).

Edge Juice (Hot) will act just like Edge Drag Comp

Adrenaline I'm not sure of... I'm pretty sure there is a setting/program to all it.

I think the Smarty does it too.

BD Has a box too...

http://www.dieselperformance.com/index. ... /index/43P

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The 3rd gens will fuel all the way to redline before defueling. I've held my truck at about 96-100mph; which is about 28-2900rpm........then stick her to the floor, and she goes until 3200rpm or about 110mph. At least in my truck!!! :thumbsup You're loosing the torque in the 2nd gens above about 2800rpm.....that's why it seems to be doggish.

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