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Pondering my next move...

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So here's my situation: I removed my VP44 today. The previous owner of my truck has glowshift gauges installed and the fuel pressure gauge is shot. While my truck is down, I'm tearing out any wires and connections this guy installed for the gauges. He has the top of the exhaust manifold drilled out for EGT's, which is good so hopefully I can use this for my Edge EGT tap. He had the VP tapped into with the fuel pressure sending unit which is now off completely. Here's where I'm a little confused. He has the third bolt of the injector lines hold down bracket tapped into with some kind of tube that runs to the back of the gauge pod. What is this for? Should I replace it with a 10mm bolt like the rest or plug it up somehow? Will it be useful for an Edge install? I know this might be a little confusing and I will snap some pictures tomorrow, but I need some help figuring out how to get rid of this mess. I'm installing an Edge w/ attitude soon and want to get this sorted out first. But I may decide to buy it sooner than later for monitoring of the new pumps.

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