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Email from awk02

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Hello Mr. Nelson

I hope that I can get some information from you have been reading the Cummins Forum lately, seems you are one of the gentlemen to talk to.

I have a 02 dodge Cummins purchased new only has 73000 miles on it.

2500, 4x4, NV5600, Mitchn.LTX 265/75 16 tires, 3:55 gears stock truck.

When I first purchased, I added 4” exst. Turbo back straight pipe, and an AFE air filter went from 18.5 mpg to 20.3 mpg both w/ truck empty 72mph. Above 72 mph, mpg starts to change a lot.

Just added EGT, Fuel and Boost gauges

I am looking for best fuel economy. My truck does what I need power wise.

I am looking for facts if any….

In the different diesel forums and diesel adds I read increases fuel economy, or my truck SEEMS to get better mpg, or the motor SEEMS to idle better, or engine SOUNDS LIKE it ideals smoother. I guess in some men’s eyes they have to use these words like a placebo after spending maybe 400.00 to 800.00 on something that does not do the function it was said to do. I am too old for subjective ideology. The way my Father raised me, it works or it does not.

From all the reading, I have been doing just on 2nd gen. Cummins. All the aftermarket hype half mpg better hear, 1 to 2 mpg there, if they were true, all 2nd. Gen.’s alone would be up around 52 MPG and USA oil problems over!!!

Money is to hard to come by to waist it on a fancy add campaigns or with the old stand by pretty pretty chrome, or the next generation chrome (powder coat). Wish there were a consumer report for all aftermarket products. Then instead of companies producing items that look pretty, but do not work and dumping them on unaware consumers they might have to do some reel engineering and testing to get a product that really works by design.

My 1st question, what power module will give best fuel economy? If there is one. Looking @ Quadzilla Max Mileage 8 – 12% increase w/ 30 day return policy. @ 20.3-mpg base line should get 1.62 – 2.43 better. What have you used that works?

From my finding with it any good performance module like Edge or Quadzilla that taps the VP44 injection pump will give some good timing as long as you keep you boost below 5 PSI. More boost you create the less timing you have.

2nd question: Additives for fuel I am going to try Opti –Lube, from the testing that I have seen it is the best. Have you used this product? Alternatively, know anyone that has and backed up with results.

Well since Opti-lube is only sold over the internet and I'n not much for constantly ordering I never bothered trying it. But as since 2 cycle oil is common and very availabe here where I live I've tested that long term for 70K miles and never saw a loss in MPG from use.

3rd question: Electric-cooling fans? What mpg increase did they get? I just installed my system it is not flex-a-light #262, that is only rated @ 5500CFM .My system I put together is 7800CFM, just need to get some parts that are back ordered and I will finish.

A lot of people like the idea of electric fan because of the removal of the heavy stock fan. But if the fan clutch is operating properly then the fan should free spin and be virually zero load on the engine till needed (locked). As for the electric fans they produce a load on the alternator as well as the engine its just not direct. So in either case there is going to little to no change in MPG for a electric Vs. stock.

4th question: Fuel pumps, I still have my factor transfer pump. My new fuel gauge reads 13.5 psi @ idle 9.5 psi wot . Does the factor pump just quit or does performance degrade over time? I know I need to get ride of it, question is now or can it be put off? Is the air /dog and fass 95 worth the money @ 500.00 -700.00 dollars. Hear again they say better fuel economy, how much better percentage, do you know or if fuel economy benefits are published? Alternatively, go with 200.00 aftermarket replacement pump? Your experience appreciated.

Ouch... That lift pump is shot the minimum pressure requirement is 10 PSI. Remember the VP44 only lubrication is the fuel itsself so if it running out of fuel pressure it just like runing out of oil pressure on the engine. As for fuel pumps a Raptor is roughly $350 which is the AirDog without filter it comes in 100 or 150 GPH styles. With the air separation on the AD 150 I got I gained a small tidbit in MPG's. Now if you continue with low fuel pressure you'll degrade in performance from the wear damage placed on the VP44.

Anything else you may add will surely help. Thank you for your time Mr. Nelson

Tony Kavano

Here is my fuel pressure page.


Here is the HFRR testing and requirements of the VP44...


Here is a tidbit on how to gain MPG's


Here is a great tool to teach you how to drive.


Any question on this??? :confused:

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