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01' will not start, no power to lights, batteries charged

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My 2001 will not start, starter wont click, lights will not even come on. Batteries have a sufficient charge but everything electronic seems to be completely dead. I dont even get the clicking when you open the door and the batteries are in need of a charge. Installed a new alternator last month and my Optimas are in great shape. I disconnected both negative terminals to see if anything would reset but it did not do anything. Started great and ran fine last night...:banghead: I know it is in need of a bath really bad and I have been driving through a heck of a mud hole getting to and from work...perhaps something came loose??? Any help is appreciated!

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Well, guess I should have checked all of the wires before posting. Ended up being the positive cable running to the fuse box that pulled out of the terminal. :duh:

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