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Amalgamated fuel additive

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Ok I emailed them last night and this morning I got a call from Randy. I didn't have a chance to answer since I was trying to fix a locomotive, but anyways he left a voice mail and said he had emailed me and asked if I had any more questions to give him a call. I am really impressed that he called and emailed. I hope this answers some questions, the only question I have is what is considered premium additive.Here is the email I got:Here is some testing data that we did for a trucking company from March of 2012 plus a Dyno Test from 2009 on our TDR-S with 6 Cetane numbers. Since we have done both the winterization and Dyno testing we have added more Cetane because we have found that newer engines needed the added Cetane to achieve a better fuel efficiency. Have a great week!Randy WalkerSales Director

TDR-S and TDR-WDA Numbers.pdf

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