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Another wind shield wiper issue - HELP !

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It's been happening a while … when I start my windshield wipers in the variable timer mode;

[*]On the first swipe the wipers will swing up and pause, then finish the swipe and continue working.

[*]Or, it will do the first full swipe and pause on the return swipe, then work properly.

[*]After the first swing and the pause happen, they work properly for a while, but will do it again if run for any real length of time.

[*]No set pattern except for the first swipe.

[*]Now, if I turn them on in the constant wipe mode (slow speed or fast speed) it will work properly.

This started a couple months back, and is not normal for the truck.

[*]I cleaned the blades thinking it was dirt.

[*]Then not just cleaned, but really cleaned the windshield.

[*]Inspect for chipping or flaws on the windshield.

[*]Changed out the existing wiper blades with quality blades.

[*]Even changed those out for another brand blades.

[*]Read the shop manual for possible mechanical problems.

[*]Talked to the shop for ideas.

[*]Shop checked the wiper unit and said they found no issue.

[*]Read thru this website and other websites until crossed eyed.

No ideas left, and nothing has corrected the problem.

It has to be 'something simple', just haven't found it yet.

Not a real big problem, but in the spring the wife and I are going on a cross country run and don't want this breaking down on the road.

Anyone have an idea ?

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I would look at the timing unit itself. Might have to do some digging to find out what controls it but usually for electronic timing its controlled by a circuit consisting of resistors and capacitors. Could be a bad circuit component or loose wiring.Sent from my RM-820_nam_att_100 using Tapatalk

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I give up. Did everything I could to find this thing. Wrote it all down in sequence of event. Didn't want to but went to the dealer. They had it plugged in, tried everything, had me there to walk them through it .... nothing happened. (Now I know how my wife feels when she told be that in the past and nothing happened). Thank God they charged nothing since they couldn't find anything. I was surprised on that call.So I'm going to let it happen until it throughs a code or breaks. Then I'll have something to work with.

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