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Who has had Delay in "Wait to Start" light issue ?

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Who has had Delay in "Wait to Start" light , delay in lift pump run when ignition is turned on ?


My delay seems to be about 4 seconds. Once the Wait to Start light comes on my truck will fire right up.


What was the cause and fix ?

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It caused by a ECM that is having trouble booting up. On board memory errors or other types of errors that prevent the system from coming on line and getting the Wait To Start light lit. Till the software is fully booted up it can't do anything including cycling the lift pump, light the wait to start, or even getting grid heaters running. It brain dead till the light comes on.




ECM replacement...

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Would it not be recommended to pull the negative cable while the key is in the run position to clear CMOS?

This is what I would do to a computer, pull the plug after a fresh boot.


Doing this would cause all power to be dissipated from the computer and force a complete reboot unless it has an internal battery for memory.

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