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    EPA orders VW recall on Not So Clean Diesels

    Reality is that every emission is equated to CO2 and it is ridiculous! CO2 As stated earlier can be turned back to O2 with the carbon content left in plants. Other emissions cannot. I have done a lot of studying on sustainable technologies and there is no substitute for efficiency. An aeronautical engineer I spoke with agreed that fuel has an emission value and you cannot reduce that total. However, if you make that same quantity go two times as far you get half the emissions overall! CO2 equation 298 x – nitrous oxide (N2O) – I.e. Releasing 1 kg of N2O into the atmosphere is about equivalent to releasing 298 kg of CO2 ref: http://climatechangeconnection.org/emissions/co2-equivalents/
  3. Have the alternator load tested and ensure ac voltage issues are not present too. Don't want to kill another by the off chance that is what killed it.
  4. one recent result was the bolts in the pressure plate had backed out and caused this issue as well. If I pulled it apart I would just replace the whole thing. This includes clutch plate, pressure plate and throw out.
  5. as I said before the reason I want to install, Schotky rectifiers now, is so that if the alternator degrades and/or goes out the rectifiers will prevent damage to the electronics, especially after installing a new component.
  6. I am curious if there is a way to make it searchable.
  7. eddielee

    p1698 code

    Follow the diagnostic using OBD2, or your DRB2, and it should get you the info you need. The diagnostics posted are from Dodge so ignore the DRB3 aspect and follow the rest of it. If DTC P1698 exists, go to next step. If DTC P1698 does not exist, test is complete. Your scanner should clear the code if not go to the next step.
  8. I had to look at that one again. It was actually a small installation fee, delivery is included though.
  9. Call Dodge to get correct part # if necessary. There are the links on the left column so you don't have to flip. Select type of Trans and it will take you straight to the section you need.
  10. Part # lookup tool They do make a tool specifically for pulling seals, however, I do as CSM said and use a screwdriver. I would recommend using a socket that fits just inside the outside diameter of the seal to hammer on so you don't ding it up and grease the seal so it slides in easier. I also recommend greasing the inside of the seal so the shaft doesn't tear up the seal before gear oil gets to it.
  11. I might add a diode to the ground wire back to the battery so AC couldn't travel back into it.
  12. My two cents are to find a totaled truck with low miles and no damage to the engine or trans. Pull and swap, sell the totaled truck to salvage yard. It would be much easier to pull the engine and trans together and stick it straight in to the truck with the harness attached. I know it is hard to find this exact situation, especially where it is the rear end of the truck that was damaged. However it would definitely be the easiest cheapest way to do it. A long block from a reputable source would be my next option. Then salvage yard engine and probably sell the truck. I am truly sorry you have had this experience and do not envy your situation, other than your truck would be far more worth the energy than mine. That being said I would research the first link for their reputation and call them. Maybe worth the effort Did a bit of searching and found good reviews on All-American Diesel the first link. http://www.superpages.com/bp/Albuquerque-NM/American-Diesel-Service-LLC-L0135981227.htm#reviews I would look for bad reviews though. I just looked at their FB page and it is interesting, can't find a bad review whatsoever! $4000 installed not so bad! I would see what they want for just the long block too. https://www.facebook.com/allamericandieselabq/?fref=ts
  13. eddielee

    exhaust woes

    If you were in Asheville, NC I would send you over to Mason Mufflers on Haywood Rd. I would take it to him rather than even try to touch it myself! best price in town just have to make an appointment a week or so in advance. If you do find a good muffler shop they can build a complete muffler and will weld it rather than use clamps, and they will do it for less than buying a muffler from a parts house.
  14. I was clear about it and it may have been the year that sent him over the edge, not sure. Mine is a 1999, they may do a 2000, or 2001-02. Not sure, didn't ask