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Truck won't start

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Ok, the other day I changed the oil and filter and every other oil change I change the fuel filter.


This time I notice a litte dirt inside the housing so I drain the housing and clean out the dirt.


It was cold out so I left the fuel bowl empty. In the past I've just filled it up to the top of fuel stem and rolled the key a couple of times and it would start.


I forgot to fill the fuel bowl back up today and just rolled the key, and now it won't start. Pulled the filter and the bowl has fuel but it won't fire.


I seen an article on here before about loosening fuel lines in a certain order but cannot find it.


A little help would be appreciated.........

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Just crack open the lines at the head. 1 3 and 4 should be sufficient. Crank for about 20 seconds  then stop for a minute or so and repeat until you get fuel coming out. Get fuel to any one  of them and tighten that one up and keep cranking until you get fuel to another and tighten. There is no particular order for this just tighten them up as the get fuel. It should fire off and run a little rough until it gets all the air out of the remaining lines.

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