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Fasting And Praying


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I am about 1/3 into a fast and prayer session. We are praying for some big decisions at our church. Pivotal really. Don't really want to air any dirty laundry here, but my church is in a bit of turmoil. It's hard to fast. Not eating anything for 24 hours. But coffee, etc seems to be ok. The purpose of fasting is to help you stayed focused on prayer. The hunger reminds you to pray. It's like, I'm hungry, oh yeah, back to prayer. If anyone needs prayer tonight, I'm in the groove and am happy to pray for you too.

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I know what you mean. I have not fasted much, but when I have, me and the wife did a 24 hour fast. No food, just water. It was a bit difficult to do, but we noticed a few things:


1. We did not actually get very fatigued from doing it


2. The hunger pain did not get any worse than when it first comes.


3. It felt very different to eat again.


Sometimes we really can live off of the word!

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