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  2. She is going home today... The doctor are telling us her pancreas has just burned out and quit. I'm not going to just give up yet. She will be making appointment with GI doctor in Boise and dig deeper into this. In the meantime I've got a grand loop to make today. Heading down US95 pick up Mom (ashes & death certificate), CBASS (salvage yard), Staples (get my laptop fixed), All parts broker (salvage yard), Durobilt (alternators and starters to rebuild), then Weller truck (my transmission), then back up Idaho 55 to pick up @Wet Vette from the hospital then home. about 360 mile
  3. Not much I can do but pray she gets better. Thats pretty easy. May she get well soon and hope they can detirmine what the problem is.
  4. She is still in the hospital in McCall. The doctor is planning to scope her stomach for any problems at noon today. I'm doing my own research on her stomach problems and using any of the info I have to help figure this out. She is doing better pain is way down and she is getting hungry. Hopefully soon they will discharge her so I can get her to Boise to the GI doctor to look deeper. Like I had sat down with @Taz and his girlfriend last night for dinner. It possibly diverticulitis as a problem. Katie was telling me her story of her intestinal infection which was classi
  5. I hope and pray for her and you. Hopefully they will find the cause of all this and be able to cure or at the very least control it. Keep us posted God be with Eileen and you Mike.
  6. Eileen is back at McCall, ID St. Lukes hospital. Her chest pain, vomiting, etc. returned. I rushed her to the hospital at about 2pm yesterday. I left this morning and went back up to get more information about what is going on. Still fighting to control the pain and control her blood sugar. I don't have much info right now. I waited nearly 4 hours for the doctor to get off the phone so I could find out more. I'm currently fielding all the phone calls for Eileen and I've got family members wanting to know what is going on. I came home to feed the wood stove and get a meal in me. Las

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