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  2. I remember on a hot day while visiting she insisted we go get Milkshakes. That was real important to her that we go for milkshakes. Dang, she was right though.... they were really good. Dunno how moms have that intuition like that, I'll always remember that. No Dripley mine wasn't chicken flavored It was chocolate.
  3. Missed this one. Sorry for your loss, but I am happy to hear your life is getting a little more simple. She will be missed, but the joy she brought over the years far shines the sadness.
  4. Yes. There will be another dog in the family. Eileen and I already talked about that. She has been looking at puppies and going nuts about wanting a furry kid. I think the biggest thing that help me heal is just "talking about things" as what is going through my mind. Like this morning my mind would not leave me alone waking up to dreams or memories of Mom. Partially remembering her in the hospital and other of hiking trips we've done in the past or camping. Eileen has a few medical appointments to take care of this week. I'm going to head in to work today and finalize a Chevy transmission that I need to finish. Then we are packing up and heading south. Being her first appointment is early on Tuesday hard make the 3 hour trek. Stay the night and do the next on on Wednesday go t the next one. Like yesterday was my first trip of freedom. Instead of going to Ontario or Boise for groceries we flip and went to Lewiston, ID. Very nice to get off the beaten path and go elsewhere to shop. Funny part we we up town and friend I know he happen to hunt me down on the streets. Nice to see him and gave him a big hug knowing he just lost his father and I just lost my mother. Just in 5 to 6 years since I've been there its been changed a bunch. time to relearn another city again. I catch myself constantly through day thinking of Mom schedule and looking at my watch. Really hard to stop that. When I back up and realize I've been doing this since 2004 which is 16 year. Yeah, its tough to let go. I'm going to put a small pause on life and have a bit of fun. Sad part is I STILL need to finish my truck and get the transmission done. Already been talking about camping trips and going places. Hopefully catch up with @JAG1 and @IBMobile this summer. Even talking about hooking up with friends I have not seen in over 7 months. That would be @Taz. He's only 35 miles from me but schedules prevented me from seeing him. We are slowly rebuilding a home our way.At first we were going slow and being nice about Mom's stuff wondering if she would be coming home again. Now Mom is gone we are moving along full speed ahead.We are bag up clothes for some of Eileen family that they could use. Pull blinds down dusting walls and ceiling. Bathroom upgrades and bedroom changes. House is still trainwreck but we'll get thing sorted out. Like me I want to get on business wise now I'm not traveling 3 days a week and constantly fixing my rigs. I made the order and got a fresh batch of Timbo APPS in for the site. I've got two order to box up this morning. Take a bit of time we will build our own system of handling things business wise.
  5. Well if you ever head to Ohio I'll be here. Lol Now that I have a truck that I could trust pulling a camper up a hill or mountain I'd like to travel further and see some things my self. The wife loves to travel to different places as well. She didn't travel much as a child so there are a lot of new things out there for here to see.
  6. Right now Priorities is getting some rest this weekend some how. Then heading to Lewiston, ID for shopping. I don't need to run to Ontario to get hit with all the memories. Eileen has a busy week taking care of her medical appointments. Once they are done we are free to travel south. Beyond that I want to have what most have a 9 to 5 job and a paycheck. Get a few months of normal life and then get rolling in to the fun stuff possibly. Summer is coming. I know there is 2 members talking camping trip. Gives me a goal of getting my transmission fixed and Cummins / Jayco RV ready to haul towards a camping trip.There is a few other people I want to travel and see too.
  7. I agree Mike, it's time to mourn, heal and then move forward. You have a new life ahead of you with Eileen and many wonderful things to come and new memories to make. You and her can now concentrate on one another and allow your relationship to grow. The pain and sorrow will eventually subside and you will be able to replace it will love and happiness and have all the wonderful memories of your parents. I wish you well my friend, it is a process but I'm sure with your family here and your new family with Eileen you have many friends and family to count on.
  8. I gave my Mother an extra 4 years of life. Making sure she made it to dialysis for four years. 125 mile one way trip 3 times a week. (tues, thurs, Sat) I've created so many new friends and jobs down there its just sad that I close the book on many people for the time while I heal a bit. Actually I've been tending to Mom since 2004 when Dad passed away from cancer (16 years). I've now got to reprogram myself to tend to my wonderful girl friend Eileen Nickeson and myself. I spent many years being guided or directed by the medical field on what I was going to do next. Now it our time and our choices. I still have problems with sleeping in all those mornings of getting up at 4:30 to 5am getting Mom ready to haul south. Is all gone. I fight to sleep in but it will come in time. I will heal. Be nice to have a normal work week where I'm here in the valley all week. These are to come soon. Always seem like the last 3 months was something dragging me side ways and heading to doctors office. As for me soon I'm going to bolt and head south to visit Eileen Nickesons mother and her grandmother in law. This will be part of my healing process. Starting my new family. It was very awesome to here Mandi Thoreson tell me she loved me and I'm part of her family now. Thank you my dear that was super awesome. At this time I'm just trying to get my own home in order sorting furniture, books and messes. Trying to box up Mom's stuff and move on. That is tough to be all the memories come flowing back. Mostly good ones and make me miss her once again. Both of my parent raise a good son and I'm got a wealth of knowledge given to me by two wonderful parents which I took care of both my parents to there dying day. I've done my job the best I could for both of them its time to move on to "my life".
  9. I can say I've had my cry quite a few times yesterday. Still sad about it. In the other hand I'm free from tending to mom. I've got my own plans of making a new family. I've got 4 wonderful daughter that enjoy talking with me. Then a son that needs a bit guidance. I've got now a mother to go visit in Susanville and another grandmother to meet too. I might of lost my mom but gained another family. I won't be alone. Hardest thing for me is to reprogram myself to my own life.
  10. If you guys could have ever met her... she is really a loss to all those who knew her. I know that she is in a place that can give her an unlimited happiness that this ol' world cannot ever do. Now healed from all worldly weight, pains and sickness, he has graduated to God's house. It's more beautiful than words can say. I know this because I have prayed with her when visiting there. I know she prayed for all of us regularly too. She is and always will be the sweetest MoparMom with a cowgirl hat in my heart.
  11. So sorry for your loss Mike. Will keep you and yours in our prayers.
  12. Prayers to you and your family. Sorry for your loss. I lost a loved one Friday as well. I hold peace in the fact that her suffering is over and in God's hands now.
  13. My condolences. Having lost a parent, I can tell you that it doesn't get better but it does get easier. Hang in there and remember the good times. That's what will get you through. Also, don't forget you are not alone and don't forget to ask for help or someone to talk to. Don't hold it in. It took me a while to figure that out. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  14. My deepest sympathies my friend. She will be in thoughts as you will.
  15. My condolences. It's never 'easy' but knowing the suffering is over makes it easier. I wish you well moving on.
  16. As of 10:45am @MoparMom passed away. Please prayer for her.
  17. Made another visit to see Mom. Saturday will be 7 days without dialysis. She is getting confused and having a tough time holding a conversation. Part of this trip is to make sure the hospital does not file for Medicaid. Because I've not owned the house over 5 years the hospital can take my home for payment. Second part is billing and case work got chewed out for calling and harassing me about discharging mom. The 4 doctors agreed for comfort care right there. So I've got to hold their feet to the coals. I've only been home barely 1 day and had the hospital driving me crazy. I need to get back home and back to work. Hard to keep running back and forth without funds. I only worked 1 day...
  18. I went down and seen her one last time. She is doing OK for now Tuesday would of been her first skip dialysis which I know she can do. It's by Thursday things will change. She really isn't there anymore. Her dementia she is drifting from topic to topic. She understands she is dying but she then flip over like we are at home "Can you get me coffee?" There is nothing more I can do for her. The Good Lord just has to come claim her and take MoparMom to heaven. Yeah, it's difficult to type this message without crying, feeling sorrow and loss. But never the less I have to push on through. MoparMom has had a full life and she is at a point where nothing can be done. Her body can't do anymore. The doctors can't fix what wrong because her body is just too tired. At this point I want to remember the good things of Mom. The staff there is wonderful and doing an awesome job of keeping her comfortable and fed. I know the days after Thursday will get worse and her body will be getting toxic and she should go down at that point. So as of yesterday that was my last trip down US95 from New Meadows to Ontario. I don't want to see that road for some time. Even Eileen and I both agree if we need supplies we will go north to Lewiston, ID and Clarkston, WA. Matter of fact we had a close call on Fort Hall grade north of Council. So nimrod was passing a semi-truck over the double yellow lines and with quick reflexes I got the truck pull off the road in a small turn out without incident. I need to focus on going back to work and getting the bills paid for the month. I've also got two houses to repair and clean up. Like behind me on the floor is boxes and stuff every where. My desk is a mess as well. It's not like I don't have time now. Finally can do things that I want to do without being limited to Mom's schedule and doctors appointments. It been rough since Christmas to now. I will admit that my cannabis usage is way up. I'm so thankful at night for that herb. It settles my emotions down and allows me to think again without cry at the drop of a hat because I thought of memory or mom. Then it also helps with getting a good night sleep as well. Time heals all wounds. It only been since Sunday I found out Mom's time was limited. I know getting back to work will help a bunch. The other habit I need to break is getting up at 4:30am or 5:30am because those time I use to get up for dialysis days. I can now sleep in. I get my weekend back. Yeah, even this morning I was up at 5:30am out of habit. I know @IBMobileand @JAG1 were talking about a camping trip in the spring. I might just have to hook up for old times and catch up with both of you. There is a lot of traveling I want to do to see different people. Just never had time to do anything.
  19. Remember I was there to visit MoparMan, but soon as your mom started in the conversation.... man it was cool she knew how to get all 5 attention motors going full throttle. It was a famous time I'll never forget, she is so real, no not fishing reel IBMobile, please listen to what I'm saying....... she kept the coffee hotter than anyone I ever knew.
  20. I am sorry to hear this. I was one one of the ones who speak her several times years back when I wouldcal, and you were not there. She had a way of getting into my head that was uncanny. Always trying to help. I know you have had to make some difficult choices but I beieve Rosalie would have made the same ones. You will be in our thoughts and prayers. May Lord smile upon you as I know he is for Rosalie. Your friend, Dave Ripley

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