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2K 24Valve Intermittent Start Issue

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hi all 


thank you for being a beacon of hope in the realm of .  .  .  well lets just say "stealerships"


ok here's the deal.  bout 3 months ago this here cummins decided to not start as happily as usual,  80k miles, all maintenance on schedule.  normal start procedure, hit the key, roooma zoom zoom,  or chugada chugada chugada,  what ever your preffered description.   now frequently,  but not always,  after a 5+ hour no run,  it may take  two -3-4-5 starter engages to get the fire lit,  or not,  it still occasionally fires on the first starter engage.


a week ago started tracking ambient temp at start up,  not sure yet,  but reluctant start appears to be below 28f....


any experiences ya'll willing to share?  questions i can look into?  info for further diagnosis?


one article i read said the contacts in the starter solenoid will fix it  




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Any codes?  When you say 2-5 starter engages, does that mean the engine does not turn over on the " engage" ? If it isn't turning over you definitely need some starter contacts! Best place to buy them with the plunger is here: http://www.fostertruck.com/dodge-denso-starter-solenoid-kit-89-2006.html


This forum just had a good write up posted here: http://forum.mopar1973man.com/index.php?/topic/1364-starter-contact-write-up/



If you fill out your signature it will help everyone diagnose your problems!

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oops my bad

no codes,


each time the key turns so does the flywheel,  an it sounds like it is turning over at the same speed as when it starts.  but i'll bet ya my ears cannot detect a few rpm difference...  you know, oldies rock,  wood stock,  playing guns,  et all


 and along the way  ya get in the habit of turning the key to the start position for the necessary brief moment an the chugada chugada begins.  it is like muscle memory letting the key out of start position,   i never have been one to grind on a starter for an extended time.  if it don't start straight away,  it gets fixed.  .  .  .  or sold


i will look into that other stuff to fill out 


thanx for the prompt replys


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When it does finally start does it fire right away and run like normal, or does it sputter a bit? 

Are your battery cables clean?

Are your batteries fairly new or are they getting old?

Is the alternator charging well or is it on the way out?

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thanks all i apologize for the lack of input,

starts / runs the same whether the first starter engage,   or,  the 3-4-5 (th)   starter engage

starts an runs normal / perfect,  no spluttering

cables clean an tight

batterys appx 1.5 year old interstate brand

alt'ing at 14.3vdc


no codes, no pending codes, no c.e.l.

fuel pressure unknown


we're nowhere near the (liquid dinamite) aka ether stage of poor start.  i'm just used to the first engage start an i want it all the time.  i'm kinda picky that way, sorry.

     wasn't but a few months ago this starting issue was noticed,  now its the inconsistency more than the turn the key more times that got my attention.  have these pickups had a history of ig switch issues?  


my theory at this time is;   there is just enough wear on the starter solenoid contacts to reduce watts thru the starter,  coupled with nice thick 20something degree  Fahrenheit  lube oil in the crankcase may equal just enough loss of cranking rpm to not start...  relying on what memory i have left, seems like 30f or higher ambient,  or,   ( less than 5hrs cooling time)  equals one crank,(engage) starting.  actually i have a great  memory,  its just that the RECALL goes plumb offline occasionally


thanks all


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I have heard of trucks not having enough voltage to energize the computer while the engine is cranking, but that doesn't sound like your issue. It really sounds like your vp might be starting to die.... You need to get a fuel pressure gauge installed to find out if you are ruining the pump. Does the truck have the original lift pump on the side of the block or something else?

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  • Administrator

Are your grid heaters cycling?  Pop the hood, turn key to on so the Wait to Start light comes on, then run to the intake horn and hold your hand NEAR the grid heaters at the base of the intake manifold. 


Do you feel it getting hot? 


What happens if you turn to crank just long enough to get the lift pump running for 30 seconds, then let it sit for 15 seconds and then try an crank?  You could have an air leak causing fuel to drain back to the tank.

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