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Interior Lights


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I've been fixing up a 2003 Dodge Dually that I bought awhile back, and I finally got around to some of the little nit picky things. Now I'm trying to figure out a problem with my interior lights. The dome light in the center of the cabin don't work at all. I checked the bulb and it doesn't look blown, but I'm going to replace it tomorrow to be certain. The 2 lights on the overhead console work by the switch or when any door desides the Drivers door opens, but they don't do anything when the Drivers door opens. I looked for a switch or sensor on the drivers door, but can't find anything, in fact I can't find anything on any of the doors (but the lights work on when any of the other 3 doors opens.) Anybody got any suggestions ?

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There has to be wiring in where the door pivots, the wiring runs from the drivers side of the dash through the door jam and into the switches for windows, locks, and then goes to your door latch. This wiring for the latch detects when the door is open and turning the light on.


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The wiring harness is in a rubber boot inside the jam. That's my bad, I thought you were saying their should be wires in the door jam. I wiggled the boot but nothing happened. I'm starting to wonder if could be a fuse, but that won't explain why they work when the other 3 doors are opened. I've got a buddy coming by today that knows a little about this kind of stuff, If we figure out anything I'll post it here.

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This is a little different since this is out of the 06 service manual. I will dig out my 04 manual later and look. I would assume to unhook the connector and run a wire from the ground to the violet wire of the connector. The computer is looking for a closed circuit (ground) to know the door is open.




This vehicle has up to four door ajar switches, one for each door. Each switch is concealed within and integral to its

respective door latch unit. The switches are momentary leaf contact-type units that are actuated by the mechanisms

internal to the door latch. A short pigtail wire and connector on each door latch connects the door ajar switch to the

vehicle electrical system through its respective door wire harness. The door ajar switches cannot be adjusted or

repaired and, if inoperative or damaged, the door latch unit must be replaced. (Refer to 23 - BODY/DOOR -



The door ajar switches are actuated by the mechanisms internal to the door latch. When a door is closed and

properly latched, its door ajar switch is an open circuit. When a door is open or only partially latched, the door ajar

switch is a closed circuit. The door ajar switches are hard wired in series between a body ground and the Electro-

Mechanical Instrument Cluster (EMIC).

The EMIC reads the hard wired door ajar switch inputs through internal pull-ups, then uses these inputs to control

many electronic functions and features of the vehicle. The EMIC also sends the proper switch status messages to

other electronic modules over the Controller Area Network (CAN) data bus.

The door ajar switches can be diagnosed and tested using conventional diagnostic tools and methods. Refer to the

appropriate wiring information. However, conventional diagnostic methods may not prove conclusive in the diagnosis

of the EMIC, the CAN data bus, or the electronic message inputs or outputs used to convey door ajar switch status

to other modules in the vehicle. The most reliable, efficient, and accurate means to diagnose the EMIC, the CAN

data bus, and both the hard wired and electronic message inputs and outputs affected by the door ajar switch inputs

requires the use of a diagnostic scan tool. Refer to the appropriate diagnostic information

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UPDATE: Thanks MoparTechnician, your 06 manual is dead on even though my truck is an 03. The sensor is part of the door latch and is not repairable. I didn't have time to remove the door panel and look around today, but it is definitely either a broke wire or the latch is bad and will have to be replaced. I have to work for the next few days (12 hour shifts) so I'll have to wait until next week to go into the door and check it out. Thanks for your help.

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