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'06 Dtc 2509 And No Start


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Been absent for awhile due to long hours working on my tractor and pulling it. Anyway truck always starts cold, drive it get it warm go into the grocery store for example. Come out try to start the truck engine turns over, engine spits and sputters but won't run. Turn the key off, turn it back to star, and it catches right away. Threw a code that stated improper voltage to power module. Checked bat cables found one lose, tightened it. All is well for about a month. Repeat no start same symptoms described above. Found another lose bat. cable clamp, so I again checked the others and tightened them. Last week it does it Wed. and again on Thurs. and Friday. So into the dealership on Sat since I have an extended warranty. Code is now 2509 data lost to ECM/PCM. They **** around all day Sat. Mon, Tues and today, with no progress so I went and picked it up. They basically said it has to fail 100% in order to fix it. Warranty Co. won't start a claim since the dealership didn't know what to fix.


Besides the usual comments about checking grounds, anything else to look at????


Thanks in advance

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After taking a day off work to look at the truck and run the trouble shooting tree for the 2509 code myself. It takes about two minutes to discover the Negative ground cable clamp on the drivers side has a big crack in it. It then becomes painfully obvious that the tech at the dealership did not run any diagnostics that involved removing the battery clamps to run a load and voltage test. So off to what can only be described as a stealer ship to talk to the service manger. He seemed perplexed after I gave him the troubleshooting tree for this code, and then took him out to the truck and asked him to simulate running the tree. After he saw that the one clamp was cracked and that the other clamps had not been touched he told me that he would have to talk to the tech and the service writer, and get back to me.


On a side note I had been reassured on at least 6 occasions that the tree had been run to its completion (7 steps) and that the TSB covering this code was not relevant. The TSB covers my truck with this problem. Basically it says after running the tree without finding any bad wiring or connections. to re-flash the PCM. If this doesn't fix the problem a new PCM has to be installed.


I want to thank Mike for taking the time to add all the information to this site and allowing us to gain from it.


Any one know of a reasonable source for Battery cables? They are over $400 at a dealer.

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Any quality parts jobbers should have bulk cables and crimp ends and heat shrink. Just have them crimp the cable together with the heat shrink on the cable then take it home and add solder into the crimped cable ends and then finish by sealing the heat shrink yourself.


If the cable end is the only thing that is bad just cut it off and crimp a new end on your cable, it would save you about $390.

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