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Just change the oil, it'll be fine! ok.... what do you guys think?


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I got  flamed  on  a  Toyota site...  some guy bought a  used engine,  and  getting it home he popped off the valve cover...   He  was  just wanting to do a compression test, on-the-ground.. before  installing it into his  truck.

I only  expressed my  idea.. of  the  cam(s)  being in the state  they are...  spinning the engine NOW  is  not  a good idea!

I'm no metallurgist,..   but   can anyone else see  a  problem here?



Just about everyone  on that site said...."Just  fill it up with clean oil,  and  run it!"....


The OP  was only concerned with the  'milkshake'  that is  evident on the  cam hold down bolts!!!!

What  happened to common sense?

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If he was only wanting to do a compression test why did he pop the valve cover?

I'd say he got the short end of the stick on that deal, looks like the engine took water and then got yanked (probably hydro locked)

and been sitting for who knows how long. That things gonna need a complete tear down.

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