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Firemen's Appreciation Dinner

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Well I went to the Fireman’s Appreciation Dinner on Thursday night and was the second in line for the most service hours for the year of 2013. My buddy Kelly Hinkley was top on the list at 257 service hours I had 235 service hours. So we both got hoodies with our name on the front and service hours and the fire dept logo on the back. I'll wear it proudly... :thumb1:


At the same time I bought my Chief a dress cap all in white so next time we have a formal get together he can dress up for the event. So it was quite the event for appreciation dinner.




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Blessings to you, Joe and your new church.  Thank you for the update and progress report.  You and yours have been in my prayers.  Loving your neighbor takes many forms in our respective communities.  We still have to love and care about one another as He does.  God bless.  Moparmom with love.

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A firefighter, a cop, and a medic found themselves at the pearly gates on day. Upon arrival, St. Peter said to them; "Everyone must pass a test before being allowed into heaven and because you have all dedicated your lives to helping your fellow man you get the easy test, all you have to do is count to ten. So who wants to go first?"
The medic says I will and starts counting. "1.2.3.... um, let me try that again. 1.2.3.... Nope sorry, I can't do it"
St.Peter looks at him and says " you mean a person with all your medical training can't even count to ten?"
The medic answers " I use to be able to, it must be from always repeating 1.2.3.lift, when we were loading a patient."
Right away the cop sees his chance, jumps in right away and starts counting, but only gets to six. St.Peter looks at him and asks him to try it again.The cop says "no problem and starts again, don't remember any more. It must be because every morning for 20 years I got up in the morning and loaded my gun. 1 bullet, 2 bullets, etc...."
St.Peter looks at the firefighter and says "well, it's all up to you now, do you think you can do it?"
Firefighter "No problem,"
Everyone else stops and stares at him in amazement. St.Peter asks him "can you count higher than that?" and the Firefighter answers "sure no problem" Jack. Queen. King.

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