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Need help with Trailer Lighting Wiring Connection

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Hi Guys... Love the site! Somehow, I have lost the trailer light connector that took it from the 8-pin(?) 2-rows of 4 pins rectangular connector that transitioned the wiring to the round 7-pin (?) connector for my trailer connection. The various part stores don't seem to have it. Where can I get this other than a Dodge dealer who will charge an arm and a leg? r is this an aftermarket connector I need to get at a trailer place? My preference is on-line... (Cheaper???) Thanks in advance!

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Have you checked under the back seat... That's where I always keep mine. Look where it should not be: either still in the socket on the bumper or still on the last trailer used. The adaptor from Dodge is a dealer part but I'm sure I've seen other aftermarket brands. I would definately check WalMart as well as a well stocked autoparts. I looked up Reese brand http://www.reese-hitches.com/product_categories/electrical#connectors (12.05 + s&h) then search on Amazon.com for a discount price. http://www.amazon.com/Reese-Towpower-74607-Wiring-Adapter/dp/B000CPI6VI/ref=sr_1_32?ie=UTF8&s=automotive&qid=1264509828&sr=1-32 (4.52 + s&h) Wait! Are you saying the OEM trailer socket back into the truck wiring harness? I'm confused! If you lost this part of the OEM harness you have 2 choices, Steal one from your neighbor's Dodge... no wait, he owns a shot gun... how about a salvage yard! Or dealer. There are some dealers who will sell OEM parts over the internet. Russ

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