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ammo might be 'easing' up?


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Last week  made a run to the city  for  my  monthly  wally world  'run'..  and   picked up every jug of 2 stroke, and  always  make a point to  check out the  ammo  display.  2 stroke still  12.38  a gallon.    (10 cents  an ounce).


Nice surprise,   just about  every caliber  is  available,  and  even the   9 mm and  .223   was offered in  250 and 500   loose bulk pack..     Prices  are  still  a bit high,  but   are lower than the   'opportunists'  were  charging  last year...   (I'm sure  I have a rant on here  about those   guys!)


.22  is  still  vacant on the shelves,   but  a  quick   search on    various   sites  such as   gunsamerica.com ,   

gunbroker.com    will show   several   brands,   types,  and   amounts.     There are   some  500 round bricks  40 gram lead  LR  for   54.99 per brick,   11 cents  a round.   My gosh,    11 cents  for  a  .22 !    oh well,  at least  it's  available.


Wallyworld  still has  a  limitation  on   how many boxes   a person can  walk out the door  with,   which  probably is  ok...


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Long gun ammo has returned in full force here locally. Still short on .45 rounds, I've only been able to find it in one shop locally for some time now and they want an arm and a leg. I don't like the idea of internet purchases when it comes to buying guns and ammo, too much of a paper trail.

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