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Tappet cover insulation panel

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In the middle of replacing injection pump when I notice the condition of the tappet cover gasket. It's severely cracked, but not leaking (yet). I'm going to replace it as long as I'm this far in it already, along with the camshaft position sensor - it looks like a bear to access when the injection pump is in place.


My question is about the insulation panel situated between the tappet cover and the ECM. It looks terrible, and I'm inclined to just leave it off as I don't care about the noise put off by the engine, and some even suggest it holds water and promotes rusting of the tappet cover. My only concern is it may shield some heat from the ECM, even though it's on the intake side of the engine.


Has anybody left this thing off? Any ill effects? I found a replacement, but don't think it's worth $129.

picture is upside down - sorry. But you get the idea.



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