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Aluminum Brightener

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I've got a really cool Boss to work for down at the shop. Well today we finished our work load a bit early and decided to clean up the shop and our tools early. I caught Lindy combining two jugs of aluminum brightener. Then he spins around and says' "Pull your truck over by the power washer." I responded I don't have aluminum mags on that truck (1996) its got chrome wheels." So I do any ways. So he tells me to man the power washer and rinse after he scrubs then down lightly. I rinse the first wheel off and OMG! Talk about removing a bunch of brake dust and brighten that wheel up. He continues to do the wheels and then the bumpers and the grill. Talk about looking really nice and bright. Then he heads in the shop and get out the good car soap and washes the truck down for me. He like, "I can't have you driving around in that dirty truck!" 


But I will admit that aluminium brightener really does work. It's a acid so make sure to get the wheels rinse down quickly and not leave it sit on them too long.






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