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UPDATE! May 19, 2007- 2 Cycle Oil And The DynoJet...

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UPDATE! May 19, 2007- 2 Cycle Oil And The DynoJet...

Well there has been a lot of talk about 2 cycle oil hurting to HP/TQ numbers. Well I'm here to set the records straight for once and for all...

First off let me lay down some baseline information. You all have seen my web page on my BOMBs and MODs I've done. Ok... We all know that the 2002 Cummins SO is rated for 235 HP 460TQ at the flywheel.

Posted Image

Run #1 - Stock mode with Edge Comp Turned off.

228 HP - 462 TQ

Well this proves there is very little drag between the flywheel to the rear end. Also this proves there was very little improvement in HP/TQ number concerning 2 cycle oil. I'm using conventional Dino lubes in everything except the transmission which requires the Castrol SynTorque. But still even this number is high for HP/TQ at the rear wheels... 2 Cycle oil maybe???

Run #2 - Edge Comp turned on 5x5

379 HP - 831 TQ

Run #3 - Edge Comp turned on 5x5

381 HP - 826 TQ

Ok we all know the Edge Comp give about 120 HP on 5x5 setting but now do the math. 381 - 228 = 153 - 120 = 33 HP difference! Where did this power come from? I got no other fueling enhancements and only a BHAF and straight piped exhaust 3"... Stock injectors, stock turbo, stock VP44 and LP pumps.

As for my fuel / 2 cycle oil ratio he is what I had. I filled up with 26.306 gallons of diesel fuel and poured in 32 ounces of 2 cycle oil (SuperTech Outboard). So that means...

26.306 (Gallons) x 128 = 3,367.168 Ounces of fuel.

3,367.168 / 32 Ounces Of Oil = 105.224:1 Ratio of diesel Fuel to Oil.

I admit this is a bit heavy mixture of 2 cycle oil to fuel. But I've been getting a bit lazy about measuring my oil so if I'm nearly empty I would add the full quart regardless.

It's got to be the 2 cycle oil helping the burn of the fuel.. So never the less I'm a extremely happy camper and will continue to use 2 cycle oil in my fuel.

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