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Lift pump failure?


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While driving home from my farm this evening, I had to accelerate going over an overpass when my truck suddenly stalled. I put it in neutral while coasting down the other side, and cranked it several times before it finally restarted. I babied it on home (about 5 miles) and it seemed to have no further issues.


My question is this symtoms of a lift pump going out? or do they normally fail completely all at once?


This is my 03 CR with the original pump mounted to the filter canister, and there was no CEL.


Anybody experience this before?

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Classic lift pump failure. Cant keep up with heavy fueling but will with idle/ light throttle. Surprised you dont have a check engine light on. But on the good side, your pump is easy to replace with aftermarket

Thanks, Thats pretty much what I was thinking. That probably explains something I have recently started noticing during cold startup. It will occassionally have a random miss.. Kind of like that thump you feel when you turn the ignition off. only the engine never dies and then it acts normal.

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