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Raptor 100 to FASS 95 - does it use the same hoses? Also Edge EZ vs Comp

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Hey guys,


Two things...


I currently have a Raptor 100 on the truck with the full half inch hoses all the way from the tank to the VP.  If it dies (not saying "when" because I'm trying to be positive), I eventually want to replace it with a FASS 95.. so I'm curious if I can just buy the pump and not the whole "kit".  Does the FASS use the same quick connect fittings?  In other words, will it just be a matter of unplugging/unbolting the Raptor and bolting/plugging in the FASS and running the new power lines?


Also.. I found a guy not too far away that's selling an older Edge EZ for $200obo - specifically for the 2001 model year (says right on the sticker).  I do not have any tranny work done yet - but I've read that the stock 47RE "should" be able to handle an EZ so long as I don't beat on it.  I understand that "should" is the key word here..  I'll throw in here that I'm a 33 year old with wife and son..  so I'm long past the "racing around like a maniac" stage we all go through as teens.  haha.  I'm just looking to "wake the Cummins up" - as so many have described - and have that bit extra when I'm towing the 25' fifth wheel around 2-3 times in the summers.. although it's mainly a daily driver for me, so I'm also hoping to get a bit better fuel economy (not expecting anything drastic).  Does this sound reasonable?  In the research I've done, people have also mentioned that an Edge Comp "not tapped" is the same as an EZ..  should I just go that route right away?  I have no intentions of getting too carried away with HP/Torque numbers..  realistically I'm thinking if I can get a Revmax tranny down the road, and get the 2nd gen making around the same HP/Torque #'s as a new stock 2500, that would be completely fine with me.


Thanks in advance!

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Sorry for the delay in answering, I've been camping and fishing in the Sierra Nevada for 11days. I've had my trans rebuilt back to stock at around 65k mi because the front band went bad and all the junk took out the torque converter.  The truck just turned  80k on this trip. 

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Anything to be afraid of with purchasing the Edge EZ used?  I'm assuming since it's plug & play it either works or it doesn't..  I would imagine that a 65hp/180tq gain is easy to feel when driving?  I'm thinking I'll install the thing and get buddy to go for a drive with me before I buy..?

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