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Brake Issues

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I'm having some brake issues that I would like to get figured out. I believe I already know the answer but I would like some advice. My brake pedal is starting to take a longer then usual time to return. About every other brake, the pedal is just slow to return, I can manually take my foot and pull it back up and it will release the brakes.


My vacuum pump was leaking oil, so I bought the seal kit to change it out. While I was in there, I decided to change the power steering pump. The install went great, everything working fine. Then the power steering pump developed a leak at the bottom pressure line that I didn't notice and it ran all the oil out of the pump. After I realized it, it was harder to turn the wheels, so I figured I burnt the pump up running it out of oil. I got another power steering pump since this one was still under warranty. Again the install went good. After I got the new pump installed, is when the brake pedal issues started.


I think I burnt up the power booster also when I ran the pump out of oil. When I first push the brake pedal, it almost acts like it is sticking then releases and the brakes work just fine, but the pedal takes a while to return. The brakes stay applied until the pedal is fully up. I can manually pull the pedal up fast and the brakes will release as normal.


Any advice?




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