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Trouble with DAP and black friday deal?


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So, I'm not near enough crazy to go out and subject myself to any sort of danger or torture for the next best thing on the day called black Friday. But, I may occasionally take advantage of few things when this time comes around to save an extra dollar when I have the intent on eventually buying something.


This time, I have plans on buying head studs for the truck. Been on the to buy list for a little bit now. Since DAP offered them on their black Friday deals I figured I would do them now and save a few dollars instead of waiting when I really needed them.


Trouble is, I tried to apply the coupon code and it said it was not valid! So I cannot apply the deal to my purchase. Therefore, I have no incentive to buy them, now. DAP is closed, so by the time I can get a hold of them, the deal ends...


Maybe someone can pull a few strings for me and get them to honor it after the fact? I have a couple other things was considering on buying at the same time, too...


I really like DAP and I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt that its probably just a technical glitch in the system. Then again, it had a star that said restrictions apply. I wonder if the heads studs I need are even apart of the black Friday deal? I know someone that's buddies with Jacob is on here! :thumb1:

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