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Transmission upgrade

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My buddy asked me if i knew of a product that would help him, and his transmission have better performance. He is having problems with his truck burning out, and said there is some kind of load management system on our transmissions that doesnt allow us to rev up enough to light them up. I heard advertisemnts of top speed eliminators and a smarty doing something for the tranny, but i dont exactly know what they do for it. Does anybody got a clue on this subject. Thanks for the info!!!:cool:

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That would be "Torque management" The 01-02 years had it not sure on 2k, 99 and earlier did not have it. It was a factory program in the ECM that will not allow fueling if the computet does not see wheel speed. It was designed to prevent drivetrain damage. The only product made that totally eliminates it is the BD RAD box "Racing anti defueling". But it kills the gauge cluster and sets a check engine light when used. The Smarty and other programmers only lessen the effects of Torque management but do not turn it off or eliminate it. If the computer does not see wheel speed then it limits the amount of fuel the pump gets and it will not allow it to fueling past roughly 5lbs of boost. If he runs a BD RAD box he will smoke his tranny in a heart beat if it is stock and or snap shafts. Most just let the rig roll a bit then jump on the brakes and throttle at the same time to break things loose.:cookoo:

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