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  1. I change it out once in a while its cheap enough and better then being stranded somewhere.
  2. the weep hole in the waterpump caused the same pattern for my truck. Didnt make sense how it got up in the fender but mine was running down the alt bracket and flinging off the belt into the inner fender
  3. these things for some reason go haywire in the electrical system. Mine sometimes the headlights wont go off after i hit the lock button or sometimes the cargo light will come on and stay on. I found if you disconnect the batter for about 5 mins with the key on to completly discharge the system it will act nice for a while.
  4. mine did that same thing until i replaced both batteries and it has been fine ever since.
  5. i pieced together a 4040xl and a genos delete kit to make my exhaust work/sound decent. IMO only the 12v sounds really good with a full delete
  6. sounds like my buddy got hosed then. The dodge dealer took him for 48oo and reused the electronics.
  7. Faytteville / fort Bragg nc here, on my second cummins and loving it. Currently have an 06 4x4 with thuren front and rear and some minor engine/tranny modifications
  8. Too hard as in will reduce barrel life? Plenty of people as my local shooting club do it and I have never seen or heard of anyone mixing. Although it is for comp/practice only
  9. Decent deal on the truck, now take the money you saved and dump it into that rod
  10. How the truck liking this crzy weather? Here in NC its been going between 25 and 70
  11. I had one, great car but the vacuum system was a pita to constantly fix
  12. The tdi are awesome im looking to get one
  13. its been 3.73 here for going on 3 months with no change
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