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  1. Drill it out with shop vac going. Use magnet to probe interior for chips. You will be good to go. Gauges are a real eye opener and the greatest asset when monitoring the performance of these trucks. Have fun.
  2. Thanks for the input. I'll do a little research on water separation. In my experience water separation takes place after the air is compressed, downstream from the compressor. If I had a blockage at that point it seems that it would simply satisfy the pressure switch and shut off the compressor. However my compressor fuse blew. To me it seems that would be due to condensation created by the heat of compression and low ambient temps. The system came with a cheap air intake sock and I located it in a dry area. Perhaps I can find a better prefilter , or maybe i"m missing something mechanically s
  3. Hey folks, This is my first winter with my Pacbrake. It had run flawlessly until ambient temps got down to around 10 degrees. Then it stopped working on my way home one night. The next morn. after I warmed the truck up for an extended period, it started working again. This cycle went on for a couple of days, then my 30 amp compressor fuse blew. I replaced the 30amp with a 20 amp. ambient temps are now around 32 and she's back to working reliably. My compressor is located by the passenger side battery as directed in the pacbrake instructions. I routed the air intake filter to the firewall
  4. Thanks for the article link and the info. I often forget that there's more to this site than just the forum.
  5. I have seen on this site a couple of times where 17# is the ideal fuel pressure. My pump provides 12-13#. Why is 17# better?
  6. Thanks for the correction. What I wouldn't do for another gear or two. I have always disliked my tranny's shift points. If I could only go back to 2004 when i bought my truck, I would tell myself to by a manual trans.
  7. When you buy the pacbrake they send evrything you need to hook it up to your model truck. Mine came with Pacbrake's lockup controller. It locks the converter in 3rd and 4th with overdrive switch in off position. You get compression braking only with overdrive switch enabled. It is surprising how much braking I get without the converter being locked up.
  8. I recently installed a pxrb on my truck. I can't believe the difference it makes. I used to get serious brake fade from overheating when taking a grade with camper and boat to lake roosevelt. Now I don't have to touch them except on a couple of 20mph corners. That really destresses our camping trips. I also love the auto warm up feature.
  9. I installed my air dog 150 this summer. It gave no option for retaining the use of the old canister. I guess i'll find out how important the fuel heater is this winter.
  10. Yep. The windows would stay mighty foggy in the winter if the a/c wasn't working. I found that out when one winter I was hearing my a/c clicking on and off repeatedly. I was low on 134a and it was cycling on the low pressure switch. After I got her running right I asked around and found out it ran in defrost mode in the winter too. That surprised me a little, but makes sense.
  11. How did they mess the design up? I recently installed one and haven't had any issues. Besides a few people mentioning pump problems I haven't heard of anything. Please elaborate.
  12. Did you cut the bottom of the draw straw at a 45 degree angle? I don't know if it comes that way, but my air dog needed to be cut.
  13. When truck is in neutral and I spin one tire the other spins in the same direction. spider gears don't move. So you're saying that means time for a rebuild?
  14. Well I got the diff on the workbench and tore it apart. Just as diesel4life said my clutches were not only gummed up but one of them was worn quite bad on the outer rim. I'll see about getting a replacement clutch pack tomorrow. I put the tear down on video and will add the reassembly and post it for those who may be interested. Thanks for the feedback people. That's what makes this such a great site.
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