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  2. I just Installed HS Mini Maxx on my 2012 Ram, I realize that the company is out of business however for my (two cents) this is by far the easiest tuner to use on Dodge/Cummins. I purchased for approx. $699.00, others may chime in with a better product or results etc. on a particular tuner
  3. I have an ad165 love it, raptor I think is made by the same people pure flow technologies so far so good with mine
  4. try a shot of starting fluid in the intake see if it will hit, as already posted fuel, ignition, neutral safety switch?,does it turn over, no start or is it completely dead
  5. Hey guys I have an 2002 with AirDog 165 just for information here in chatt tn we experienced a rare 10 inch snow storm first week in january, truck did fine until 3rd morning temps dropped to single digits:doh: my AD 165 MOUNTED ON FRAME RAIL FROZE AND because of my hurriedness to get back in the warm house I didn't even look at fuel pressure guage or I would have realized "nasa we have a problem":duh: no fuel pressure as I was walkin away truck cranked and run just long enough to drink what fuel was foward of the pump shut down:cry:was able to use jet heater for 20mins blowing under truck tha
  6. You guys and gals may be very well aware of this , but for the sake of posting. Do not ,I repeat do not order fleetguard filters from http://www.fleetguardfilterstore.com/ this place is ajoke. I recently placed an order for 2 filters and learned a 28.00 buck lesson in online ordering. After weeks of no contact weeks of waiting for filters multiple attempts to contact still no filters. After researching apparently this guy Tristian Novak owns this web-site and this place is simply a front. I even got a COPY OF MY CHECK CASHED BY ALIAS LISA SPAID, still no filters. I am employed with the courts
  7. For any looking to install a boost guage, Sunpro makes a decent 30psi guage installed on my 2002 ram works great cost is around $40.00 locally in Tn. (AUTOZONE)
  8. Need input:banghead: Working on a 2002 Dodge Ram SLT 1500 4X4, Has Vibration under throttle only. Things already checked are as follows: Ignition system, U-Joints, Rotors/Pads were extremely worn replaced (no-help with vibration) Fuel/Air filter checked good, scanned found no codes, Truck runs and drives/shifts well pulls well, just mysterious vibration felt upon accelerating. Also checked hubs, tie-rods cv's in front rear axle bearring, have noticed can feel vibration more through transfer case lever as well, wondering if anyone has experienced this, thinking only, not tested ( torque convert
  9. MY 2002 QCSB 4x4 RAM LOST MASTER/SLAVE COMBO AT 61,000 MILES, WOULD STOP TRUCK AT DRIVE THRU ,ETC HANG IN 1ST GEAR AS MASTER/SLAVE CYLINDERS WOULD NOT HOLD PRESSURE. REPLACED WITH WAGNER PART LISTED BELOW FROM ROCK-AUTO.COM 3 YEARS AGO BEEN PERFORMING GOOD SO FAR. 2002 DODGE RAM 2500 PICKUP 5.9L 359cid L6 DIESEL FI Turbo © OHV : Clutch : Clutch Master and Slave Cylinder AssemblyPriceCoreTotalRHINOPAC Part # PS0517 Base; Cummins engine; Includes Master Cylinder, Line & Slave Cylinder$177.79$0.00$177.79 WAGNER Part # CM140981 {Clutch Mstr/Slave Assy. {Reservoir, Clutch Mast
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