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  1. Did you try 4wl with the hubs unlocked? That feature can be helpful in many ways.
  2. You could have a boost leak or even need a w-gate adjustment. What kind of turbo did you replace the factory one with?
  3. Thats not to bad. I see 800 at 70 on level road on a cool day. Maybe you should think about a water/meth kit? I didnt see injectors in your sig are they factory?
  4. The edge comp or edge/drag gets my vote. To me the edge comp boxes are the ak47's of boxes,they work no matter what . I keep mine on 5x5 most of the time. If it gets 90* or more and i am on the breeze way i turn it down because my truck will haze.
  5. I was reading about some big DRAMA over there a few months ago. I worked with them twice. They always called back and answered the phone when i called.The first injectors were good,as well as the price. The second time the price was good and the injectors were not so good, however they were just "test injectors" for my dually that i asked to be cleaned and repoped.I pulled 18.5 mpg with the not so good injectors. I call them not so good because they had some kind of leak down problem that would effect start up.Now as far as sdx...One bad apple can screw a companys reputation, I think Chris and jammie are good guys (they were to me). Lets face it, people change. I dont know what is going on over there and hope they get it figured out. I guess i still would give them a call if i need something and see how it goes, But if things went bad it would be a long ride for me to go and put my boot in a butt.
  6. The guys that p pump there trucks will speak against stainless. It is brittle and often crack and leak. Read up on it and you will see it is not the way to go. My opinion is based on the facts of p pump conversion lines. Your application is not quite the same but still i would never do stainless injection lines on any diesel.
  7. Look around for a used one. I found a miller 135 with a tank 1/2 full, and a cart with wheels almost a full spool of wire and other goodies for 500.00. The guy was moving out of state. Look around some.
  8. Dont feel bad. That happened to me a few years back. My friend towed me with his FORD. That hurt the most. New sending unit and i am good to go. My fuel gauge said 1/4 tank.When you fill up hit the trip that way you will know.
  9. She's perrrrrrrrrfect. Meeeeeooooowwwwwwonderful.
  10. http://forum.mopar1973man.com/threads/3692-What-oil-filter-do-you-use?highlight=oil+filter Go to the last page.
  11. When i changed my cam i pulled the dowl out and found a clean spot on it:doh:, What happened is as i was pushing the dowl on the wood splintered. First i took the tapet cover off (like the picture Mike posted) nothing at all. I drained the oil into a screen and found nothing, then i put a wire in the hole to no avail. I had to jack the engine up to remove the oil pan. I found the pc of wood.You never know where it will stop when something gets droped down. I sure would try the easiest thing first if i ever drop stuff in again.
  12. I never could understand this fully. If cetane makes fuel burn slower it should get better mpg? If 2 stroke oil adds btu's and helps mpg....i am lost
  13. The 98's and 99's dont have t.m. Thats when dodge started getting a bad reputation in reguards to trannys. Dodge had an answer, to help save the life of the trannys they came up with tm. Thats what people tell me anyway.
  14. I never understood this part anyway. I would help more if i was smarter , i am learning as i go too:lol:
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