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  1. Speaking of the cross memeber near the front of the tank how important is it? Mine has been out for a week and going to be out for a few more. I broke two bolts getting it out. I still need to drop the tank again to put in my sump and fuel sender.( kinda stinks I did not have this other stuff ready when my brake line went.)
  2. I need to replace the rear center brake hose. When I went to take off the two lines that go from the center hose block to the calipers, the brake line started to twist. the lines and hose from the center hose to calipers are in great shape. I just need to replace the center hose. My Question, is the line from the center hose block to the caliper all one part? If this line twist apart I can just replace the hard line. and is it inverted flare or bubble at the caliper hose? I did all the other lines this past week because the one Behind the fuel tank went Two tie down straps wroked great to lower and raise the tank.
  3. Thanks for all the input. i will leave the heads on, and may take out the transmission?. they pay big for the catalytic converter so i will cut them out. I never took apart a transmission could be a good learning experience.
  4. I am scraping out a E150 van. I was wondering if it is worth pulling the aluminium transmission and i think the heads are aluminium too. looking at the scrap value/ time ratio. i got out the rear Dif,drive shaft and going to pull rad and ac condenser. Thanks
  5. You just need a good mouser. I had to give one away because he would bring them home and with a toddler at the time we were afaid she would pick one up. he was bring home 3-5 per day. He is a barn cat now and the owner love to be mice free. the females seem to just eat them.
  6. If I see mice around my house I stop feeding my cats. When I moved in my house a long time ago some one left a contaner 1/2 full of antifreeze open it was full of mice, We have kids and cats so i dont want to try this again.
  7. How long can you keep a sticker in the bottom your your oil pan?
  8. [ But looking at your spiral cut thats a sign that one side of the chain is dull from hitting rocks or dirt. With my Sthl 046 I can run my 32" bar and cut a 36" round in just over 1 minute... I can buck a full cord of rounds in just about 1/2 tank of fuel in the saw... So if you needing huge amount of fuel to cut round either the saw is too small and/or the chain is dull...
  9. (Man someone needs to sharpen their chainsaw... ) WHO? ME? I Have a Troy-bilt 27 ton splitter. I hate big stuff like this. This one was a medium size one. two years ago my uncle had a chery tree cut down 4.5FT IN diameter. took two and a half tanks of gas to cut off one log. had to split it right there because we could not move it to far. he has big stuff like this droped for us. they come in with a crane and do it saftly I need a bigger better saw or smaller trees. i hopeing for smaller trees but you get what you get for free.
  10. And had to work This is only half of the tree trunk I still have to get the other and then 4 branches that are only 2 ft in dia. This kinda a small load. Had to get home in time to watch the kids. going back out Saturday for more.
  11. The truck is the 01 my car is the 99. to much old stuff i am working on and i have been sick for the last week
  12. I have no power adders right now but I was thinking about the Edge. I am checking to see what i have before I add one and break something. Its a used truck so that is why i am checking first. i would hate to replace some thing that i don't need to.
  13. this is the only other pic i have for the night http://i314.photobucket.com/albums/ll422/AronnaEric/Truck/101_3439.jpg looks like my EGT probe is on the exhaust elbow too
  14. After looken at cummins2001’s post hotw to get lower EGT’S http://forum.mopar1973man.com/showthread.php/2867-How-to-get-lower-egt-s I have NO problem with EGT’s I can’t get them past 800 even towing. As my other post I want to get a little more gitty up. And was wondering what Trubo I have? After looking and looking I could not find a tag I did find some numbers on the houseing Holset then there was a small 50 after that One location said BK 2400 Next said 3593085 I looked throught both fourms to find infor on this and Googled it for number or pictures and found nothing one sight had the numbers but no information Her are some pictures of it. i have the 01 with an auto. Thanks for the help http://i314.photobucket.com/albums/ll422/AronnaEric/Truck/101_3435.jpg http://i314.photobucket.com/albums/ll422/AronnaEric/Truck/101_3438.jpg http://i314.photobucket.com/albums/ll422/AronnaEric/Truck/101_3433.jpg http://i314.photobucket.com/albums/ll422/AronnaEric/Truck/101_3437.jpg
  15. I am starting not to like Pure Diesel Power, I am having a hard time getting my money back. it's been a week after I called them when my return arivied at there shop. I taked to them to day agian for the 3 time:cookoo: lets see how today goes? YEA IT ALL WORKED OUT:hyper: even got my shipping back. still cost me 8 bucks to ship it back. but a least i got my back lets hope they change there sight.
  16. I dont want to wast money. ...thinking.... if I put a single disk in and shift kit and it only last a year or three, why wast the money. On the other hand I dont know what TC it has in it. It may even have a valve body looks like the other two owners did tow with it. If I toast the transmission with the edge am i going to have a transmission to rebuid? how much will be left. I am not much of a lead foot. Just looking for a little more getty up. Miss my 06 duramax. But this thing:thumb1: is starting to grow on me. .....Thinking again.. if I can fined a tranmission for this then can try to rebuild it my self. Have all ways wanted to try it.
  17. I posted this over at the cummins fourm and did not get any responce worth looing in to. i seem to get a more mature responce over here. I have a used 01 24v with and auto transmission. I know they don’t last forever. I do not know what has been done to the truck. When I bought it had gauges pryo, boost, trans temp, and part of a bully dog security system. I tow very little. But it’s a jeep or fire wood when I do. My question is when I add an edge comp what’s going to happen to my transmission. How bad can it be? Should I just let the TC blow? What happens when it goes? What about the clutch pack? I don’t know what work has been done to it. The car fax said that it was in the shop twice for trans trouble, replaced switch. When I first got the truck it was hard to put in to gear- found the linkages rusted up. That’s fixed the TC is not painted or has any names on it. Should I go until its blows, if it blows or upgrade first. when i bought the truck i was keeping in mind putting 4-6k in the transmssion anyhow but that on my charge card and i dont want to unless i have too.
  18. Don't be sorry , Pure Diesels sight had nothing about two models of axles. i seen QUAD 4 sight too and was not sure about the two types eather. One is from 94-01 and the other 00 to 02 with out the venders getting more information to us its a 50/50 chance unless we ask them I gues i should have asked I'll just get it from the dealer to avoid shipping charges again. hope some one can learn from this. my fork is just about gone with 100k on the truck i am sure others will be going too. i will get some picks up when i change it out again.
  19. Well i ordered my fork from Pure Diesel Power, It came quickly. once i opened the box i looked very small. i went to put in on after an hour of trying to get mine apart.( the new one was up at the house) when i got the old one out and got the new one from the house the new one is WAY to small. I called Pure Diesel ,they called posi-lok and they said Dodge made two axles that year and if i had the M axle( i think that is the code) they do not make a fork for me.. Geeee thanks now what? i guess its off the the dealership. there web sight did say 01 dodge dana 60. i keep you posted on the customer service of Pure Diesel.
  20. that is a lot of cash. i would do some searching over at the pirates4x4 forms they have a good bit of information on making the 60 better. http://www.pirate4x4.com/welcome1.php I want to do the same thing but that is low on my list right now.
  21. Thanks I will definitely look in to the Coppers and Michelins. Michelins aer haveing a sale here 70$ off a set.
  22. Things I have learned. 1) Make sure you have the right parts before you leave the parts store and that all the clips, dust shields and fittings are in the both boxes. 2) When changing ball joints if the hubs were never changed before. Plan on getting U-joints, Hubs and upper and lower ball joints, Dust shield. Look at your CAD fork too you may need a new one. How are your rotors and pads? i put Anti-seize on the back of the new hubs too
  23. the BFGoodrich COMMERICAL TA AS Tire will cost me 137$ the description says LT265/75R16 123Q COMM T/AASLRE Cool-running, smooth-riding, long-wearing all-season commercial tire with a 50,000-mile Manufacturer's Limited Treadlife warranty. I like the 50,000 warranty with them. i need a tire that is going to last. or I could do what the wife wants me to. but the 37 Iroks are for and on the jeep. though they would look cool on the truck.
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