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  2. I would argue very much so that it's much cheaper to create safe efficient horsepower in a common-rail pickup... Especially when many third gen barely cost more than 2nd gens if at all to initially purchase... No it is used. It's just a box s475 and all the piping couplers hoses drains flanges.. everything
  3. Idk something that will net an easier sell and roi... Probably just 7x.009 or something with my 62\64 hx35 and sell my s475 and compound piping... Make more money selling that stuff off. I just bought 3rd gen so i guess time to get rid of this one
  4. I would guess that the bodies are shot. Either way I think I'm going to be going a different route anyway. Probably going to tone it down and sell off some of the performance parts and sell the truck.
  5. I will. I was planning on getting in touch with you i just hadn't had time may be a few weeks before I can pull them.. strange they fell so much and also that they do this now.
  6. Yes they were bought from you, (reman) and set to 340. Now they are supposed to be at 315 but something isn't right... Im loping so bad it dies about every 4th time i slow down to take a corner.. it's nearly undrivable from the lope They were bought directly from dap when this testing started. Ran about right at a year, less than 20k miles
  7. Got some interesting info. When I bought the injectors I initially had them set to 340 bar. after getting what in my opinion I thought was enough information to make a choice on good Pop pressure I decided I was going to pull mine and repop to 315 bar. My VP was on its way out so I pulled the injectors while I waited a month and a half for a pump from XDP (long story, highly recommend not buying a pump or anything from XDP for that matter) I sent them in and just got them back. They had all settled around forty bar all the way down to 300 bar. There was also one nozzle needing replaced.
  8. I have one I just have not looked at it to see if there is any evidence of what happened. I will not have time to stand through it probably for a couple more days. I can attach it and if someone's wanting to look it is right towards the end of the data log. As I'm coasting. I was going about 90 mile an hour before and was coasting to a stop sign when it happened.... surge.csv
  9. I wonder if i have the latest flash or not..
  10. New issue anyone think it could be injectors? Very randomly during longer idles the truck will will suddenly act like someone did a quick blip to wot.. Also after doing stuff that uses more fuel, hard pulls, going fast, passing idiots, While costing in gear slowing down completely off throtle it'll suddenly jerk like it it just got a shot of fuel.. hard to explain i finally got a data log of it tonight but haven't looked to see i caught it or if you can see anything yet
  11. So i have a new issue didn't know if i should post here or start thread.. I am having trouble getting tunes to load into quad. I have to "activate the profile" about 6 timea for it to fully take.. seems like it only loads a few parameters each time until it finally starts to run a little more normal each time... Started couple months ago progressively seems to be getting worse...
  12. Agree but unfortunately I don't have that option. Still doesn't change my mind that the benefit is very slight in my opinion. Not likely worth the probable added wear
  13. You're right but I can't always be in gear and coasting. Going around the corner trying to shift and it dies. I'd have to 100% change my driving Style 2 leaving it in gear at every single opportunity that I could. It's nearly impossible to make it not lope and the hotter it is outside the worse it is.
  14. Well I'm going to bring back up this old thread. Now that the temps have gotten hot I am 100% decided that I have to bring my pot pressures back down. Unless I run at least two quarts of two-stroke oil and let off the throttle just right when slowing down the truck will look so bad that it dies. It has almost gotten me into a couple accidents when the power steering stops going around the corner. It has always done this a little bit but the higher Pop pressure has exaggerated it and it cannot be driven this way. I'm at the point where I don't believe that there is much of any benefit to raisin
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