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  1. Agree but unfortunately I don't have that option. Still doesn't change my mind that the benefit is very slight in my opinion. Not likely worth the probable added wear
  2. 7x.013 340 bar... Also have .093 tubes
  3. You're right but I can't always be in gear and coasting. Going around the corner trying to shift and it dies. I'd have to 100% change my driving Style 2 leaving it in gear at every single opportunity that I could. It's nearly impossible to make it not lope and the hotter it is outside the worse it is.
  4. Well I'm going to bring back up this old thread. Now that the temps have gotten hot I am 100% decided that I have to bring my pot pressures back down. Unless I run at least two quarts of two-stroke oil and let off the throttle just right when slowing down the truck will look so bad that it dies. It has almost gotten me into a couple accidents when the power steering stops going around the corner. It has always done this a little bit but the higher Pop pressure has exaggerated it and it cannot be driven this way. I'm at the point where I don't believe that there is much of any benefit to raising the pop pressure. Also now that it's hot out it's hard for me to drive smoke free and it is hazier at idle than I expected as well. Overall I guess I just don't see this as being a benefit really. Once I can get to a point where my truck can be down for a couple weeks I will probably pull injectors and have them repop 2 somewhere around 310bar I believe
  5. Dodgeih

    Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    I should pry look into your setup a little better but pry wouldn't hurt
  6. Dodgeih

    Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    Bump up timing pull down can bus just a hair and run on level 3.. forget wire tap
  7. Dodgeih

    Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    @KMayborn do you have studs?
  8. I will be doing mine in the next week or 2 i will take before and after reading at alternator and both batteries
  9. Then do you just hook up the ground that runs back behind the air cleaner back up to the battery on the passenger side? Since that ground splits into a y
  10. So... Trying to follow... Here's what i got in my head.... The alternator wire is pulled out of the loom and now connected to passenger battery. Then the ground is pulled out of the loom and the group of grounds is connected under vp with a jumper to drivers battery? Sorry lots of info that is slightly over my head so trying to follow along
  11. here is the miss under acceleration and the rev up at idle... kind of strange deal... honestly the throttle position drops but I don't recall letting off. may I did subconsciously... maybe my apps is acting up idk
  12. yes I did... cam (no crank sensor for me) I was kinda thinking of doing it again.. because it seemed great for about a week, then this suddenly unless something is causing the cam sensors to fail.. but my a/c noise seems to be ok
  13. I think I might find a used ecm to swap just to see what happens... a/c noise seem ok.. it used to be to high but has been good for 3 years or so... this and the cam sensor issue all came at once ... I don't think its grounds either but I could be wrong.. I should but all new cables anyway but those kit are expensive! So I guess I'm just kinda stuck unless anyone else has any ideas
  14. @Mopar1973Man i did that.. made it to the last step #7 and it doesn't make much sense. Thinking that its a typo and supposed to check ohms of ground to pin #6 on vp44 connector... If so that is bouncing back and forth between 4.9-5.0 ohms.... Saw 5.1 for a second... Either way everything checks out fine...