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  1. here is the miss under acceleration and the rev up at idle... kind of strange deal... honestly the throttle position drops but I don't recall letting off. may I did subconsciously... maybe my apps is acting up idk
  2. yes I did... cam (no crank sensor for me) I was kinda thinking of doing it again.. because it seemed great for about a week, then this suddenly unless something is causing the cam sensors to fail.. but my a/c noise seems to be ok
  3. I think I might find a used ecm to swap just to see what happens... a/c noise seem ok.. it used to be to high but has been good for 3 years or so... this and the cam sensor issue all came at once ... I don't think its grounds either but I could be wrong.. I should but all new cables anyway but those kit are expensive! So I guess I'm just kinda stuck unless anyone else has any ideas
  4. @Mopar1973Man i did that.. made it to the last step #7 and it doesn't make much sense. Thinking that its a typo and supposed to check ohms of ground to pin #6 on vp44 connector... If so that is bouncing back and forth between 4.9-5.0 ohms.... Saw 5.1 for a second... Either way everything checks out fine...
  5. Mine set to 340 , for the short amount of time I wasn't have fuel leak and cam sensor issues started better than any Cummins I have ever been around.. Barely hit the key and it was running.. For fun I tried starting once at 15ºf with out waiting for grids and it hadn't ran for 13+hrs and it started instantly.. Coughed and sputtered for maybe 5 seconds before smoothing out.
  6. Seems like it... But honestly the dramatic lack of smoke is enough too justify the higher pop.. No real ill effects to popping at 335-345 and that should settle to the best area that we have come up with
  7. Codes again last night during hard pull. Started cutting out with occasional tach drop and codes P0500 speed sensor P1690 cam sensor and injection pump disagreement P1693 companion
  8. Now it has started to randomly rev up on its own while sitting at idle it did it once and I didn't know what the hell happened it did it again while I was standing right outside and then it did it a third time and I was able to data log it. I was sitting at idle parking brake on in neutral I did not touch anything and it randomly revved to about 1,400 RPM like a quick wide open throttle Rev. I'll attach the data log @Me78569 can you graph this and/or look at it when you get a second.. It should be right towards the end rev.csv
  9. Well it only misses on hard (wot or close) pulls and only around 2500 rpm.. Idk if that seems like loose connections really.. Idk I'm lost.. I have looked everything over with no luck...
  10. I forgot to mention that my fuel gauge has been acting funny and bottoming out randomly. It usually happens when cold. And also tonight I got in my truck and the trip meter on the dash decided to reset on its own to zero. I do not want to believe that I have an electrical bug any ideas help here
  11. My factory one failed, that's why I replaced it. All those symptoms were from the factory one. Then I replaced and it seemed ok for a few days then new, but similar symptoms.
  12. Mine doesn't have one crank sensor..is it common for aftermarket cam sensors to fail in a week?
  13. About 3 weeks ago I started to get a check engine light with a cam position sensor code, that I cannot remember the number of, a speed sensor code p0500 and a p1693. It would come up after a hard pull. I let off the throttle the tack would drop and the check engine light to come on. It continued to get worse. It also had a random miss or stumble at idle. It was very audible through the exhaust and it would just do it every once in awhile and is kind of hard to explain. Just a random blip through the exhaust. Then one night my grid heater started pulling down so hard that it would kill my headlights and dash lights. They were kicking on and off randomly off time and pulling so hard that it even killed the truck couple times. Then randomly the truck over charged and pegged the gauge out at 18 volts. Luckily this happened when I was on my way to town to change the cam sensor anyway. I got that changed out and all the symptoms disappeared. I'm about 3 days later I did another hard Pull in this time it completely cut out around 2500 rpm multiple times. Attack would drop no check engine light and it did it on any setting on my quad. Even with the quad turned off on stock settings it did it. Also the blip or miss at idle is back. It had gone away a few days after cam sensor replacement... Truck actually ran better than ever right after I replaced that...I am kind of at a loss and I just and idea stuck in my head that it's something like the ECM or vp44 even though my wait to start light kicks on right away. Any ideas would be appreciated I will attach a data log from when the truck was cutting out on hard acceleration. There should be two separate pulls one on setting 3 one on setting zero sorry for any typo..voice to speech isn't the best thing in the world sorry if the data logs overlap. I do not have a way to make these into a graph sorry stockmiss.csv missing.csv I also forgot to mention that for about the last 2 or 3 weeks it has also randomly started and shut right back off about 5 times only one really cold. It has done this maybe three or four times total but each time that it does it the engine fire sup and dies about 5 times
  14. Custom Quadzilla Tuning R & D Thread

    Well I'm hoping that it solved the chuggin under high load high RPM. But it was causing some very strange things. It was making the grid heaters cycle so hard it would kill my headlights and all my interior lights. Sometimes it would even kill the engine it pulled so hard. Then it randomly overcharged to 18 volts. All this started happening one night. But the three weeks prior every time I would do a hard Pole right when I let off my calf would drop off and I would get a check engine light. It was starting to idle fairly rough randomly it would just kind of get a quick Miss at idle and sound kind of goofy then it would come right out of it and just go back and forth. That is gone now I have not had an opportunity to check to see if the high load chugging is gone because the roads have been covered in ice and snow.