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  1. Got any leads on rebuilders? I found ecmoutlet.
  2. I am hoping its not the IP since its not that old.
  3. No, not yet. Was hoping to run other things down and rule them out before doing that.
  4. I found a picture of the codes from a while back, never shut off then like it is doing now. P0382, P0122 and P0216 I might add , the OEM positive cable end on the driver side failed/broke a couple of weeks ago and I replaces it with a bolt-on type. I would like to replace it with an OEM type.($$$$) Volt meter in dash reads just shy of 14 volts. No P0606 code. Yes there is a delay in the WTS light, In the past I have let it come on then go off, turn the key off then to run position and there is still a delay.
  5. New to this web site. Ii am working on a 1999 Dodge 2500, 230,000 miles Leaving work the other day, this past Friday, my truck quit as if the key had bee switched off, hard to start back up but did. Soon after that it happened again. the third time, I just parked it. got it running this past Saturday. ran great for about 6 miles, quit again, didn't start any more after that, I had to get it towed home. Was able to get it started three times yesterday. First time it ran for about 30 seconds then just quit. Secong time with out TPS plugged in, revved up very high and I turned it off very quick. Third time, after plugging TPS back in read just under 15 lbs. of fuel pressure at idle. Dead pedal while it was running. Tried starting it again after that but never did start up. Turns over well. I should have made note of the two codes stored. will get them later today to better help with the problem. A couple of questions to help me out at first. 1. Would a bad TPS create a problem like this. 2. Should fuel pressure fall to 0 once the vehicle has been shut off? (pressure gauge on fuel filter housing) 3. Would a faulty heater circuit/relay cause this problem. New list pump installed February 2016. (Airtex) New IP installed November 2016 (Blue Chip brand - stock replacement) New fuel filter (this past Saturday) I will look for any responses/help in order for me to resolve any issue. Thanks in advance! Rad Duke