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  1. I was reading/looking at fuel delivery stuff today and it seemed to me that the pump(s) very well could have been a dealer installed item.
  2. what would be the better drawstaw kit to use and not too terribly hard to install?
  3. I do not know if there is a lift pump in my tank or not. I had thought there was either a lift pump in the tank or one mounted on the engine. Could there be both?
  4. well there you go, got to thinking last night, i have put fuel in it and was able to crank it with that lift pump that was on the engine. the fuel level has dropped and and was not able to crank it since last week. thats why i went ahead and too the LP off. i thought there may have been something other than a plastic tube sucking the fuel out of the tank that may have corroded and was sucking air once the fuel level got low enough.
  5. what are the chances of something going awry with the in tank unit that would allow it to suck air? the tank is not completely empty so now would be a good time to remove it and check thing out.
  6. the stock pickuo tube or drawstraw(?) that is in the fuel tank, what is it made of?
  7. Don’t know much about this type of pump but it seems like it would be harder to blow through than it did! i think if I tried to take it apart I would destroy too much of the guts to see what’s in it, but it’s out and on the concrete!! It is a rollervane type pump. Better if you googled it and looked at the way it works.
  8. I would like to try something to definitely rule out the LP. i am want to take the airtex apart to look at the workings . i cannot even get 50’ without quitting.
  9. I would like to try something to definitely rule out the LP. i am want to take the airtex apart to look at the workings .
  10. I got one and put it on thursday, an in-line type between the fuel filter and IP.
  11. Recent observations went to crank it, nothing waited a bit, same thing. opend and bled three lines while LP was running, cranked it up and started. Let it warm up a bit and turned the A/C on. Noticeable rpm drop, but picked back up. I could not tell how many PSI it dropped, but it did. Turned A/C off, ran normally. Turned it back on, rpm and psi drop. Engine rpm picked back up and a few seconds later, it died. ECM and top of IP both cool to the touch. It ran long enough to move the water temp guage just over 140.