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  1. after talking to doug rocco at blue chip diesel and running thier test, he recommended that i pull the IP off and sending it back to them so they can check it out. was still very hard to start with 3 batteries and the hot wire test, the shot of ether helped to get it started but would only run about 10 minutes.
  2. Luckily, there was no crap in the fuel line leading to the lift pump!!
  3. the first time i changed the factory filter, after i bought it, had rust and crud all in it. if memory serves me correctly, it was changed a couple of time in the next month, the latest time i changed it, just a month or so ago, it was all clean. No filter before lift pump, yet.
  4. Once I get mine running again I would like to watch the video about removing and cleaning injectors.
  5. Let me go check the thread pitch and stuff. I do remember it being a small diameter and short bolt. may be an hour or so.
  6. My tab is “L” shaped with a hole in the short length , should bolt to a correspond threaded hole on the head. The hole is hard to see but it is there.
  7. Don’t want to use the old one. would like one like this and get a good drawstraw kit for it. But I do not need a pump/unit combination . Tank looked bad, will clean it up today and also check the fuel injector lines for crud.
  8. This is what my i tank unit looks like. Fluid in lower “basket” had to be poured out, was hoping it would have come out through the screen/filter attached to the bottom. Is this what I need to get to replace the in tank unit? If the picture I added is not correct, could someone steer me in the right direction. I could not locate one exactly like the one I took out. The one I took out did not want to move up and down freely. @dripley @Marcus2000monster @Mopar1973Man @dave110
  9. I would like to thank all who have commented and guided/instructed me on what to do in order to get my truck back on the road. it is out of my hands now, going to take it to a mechanic who i spoke to yesterday. Thanks again!!
  10. i must clarify it never started, thats why i could hear it clicking on and off a few times in the run position,
  11. since i recently bought a similar LP, i cut the pigtail from the previous pump and plugged it up to the ECM wiring harness and used it. wasn't to worried about cutting the LP wiring.
  12. thats what i was thinking, nothing wrong on my end regarding that sound. what about the ground wire for the LP, keep it connected to the ECM pigtail?
  13. When you did the relay task, where did you hook the lift pump ground wire to? what did you do with the ground for the pigtail coming from the ECM? i have mine hooked up, once the key is let go from the start to run position, I can hear the relay clicking a few times. I am guessing this is normal and a way to regulate lift pump pressure during the start sequence???