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  1. I have this tag from the rear differential i need to know how it call this differential somebody say dana 80 but i trying to find with any results thanks
  2. i want to know what is the dana number of my 2005 dodge ram 3500 2wd beacause i hear the sound on the differential and the mechanics say is the bearings beacause the ring gear and pinion looks good thanks in advance
  3. I Cant Start My Engines!! Help Please

  4. I Cant Start My Engines!! Help Please

    maybe that help...well today i move al the cables and stuff to the other engine and dont start but the fuel pump do the click but dont send the diesel to the injectors? Because i open the last and dont have diesel...weird monday im going to move the injection pump to the engine and try again
  5. I Cant Start My Engines!! Help Please

  6. I Cant Start My Engines!! Help Please

    i have good news today i try to start the engine and yep its alive!!! the cables on the harness to start are red/green red/white tan/red i connect the electric pump directly to the battery here is the video of the old engine tomorrow i try with the other engine WhatsApp Video 2018-01-05 at 1.57.06 PM.mp4 now i need to find the cables of the throttle pedal position because the gas pedal or the cable pedal dont work
  7. I Cant Start My Engines!! Help Please

    well i try the best i can and nothing work maybe i should wait for a fuse box and connect the wires to try because the engine still crack but no run
  8. I Cant Start My Engines!! Help Please

    when i crank the return line just give me in about 1 min just like 10 drops thank you for all your help i hope i can try tomorrow i let you know if this work now im going to read
  9. I Cant Start My Engines!! Help Please

    yes at the first trying just air and diesel then a lot of diesel come from the lines
  10. I Cant Start My Engines!! Help Please

    yes i do that and it split on my head diesel so i know for sure the fuel pump work lol i just use a lil bit of starting fluid and the engines sounds like is alive but when i stop spray it shut down
  11. I Cant Start My Engines!! Help Please

    its not installed...yeah i have some of the wirings so tomorrow maybe i can do another trying almost all the sensors are connected just the fuel filter have 2 but they are diferents
  12. I Cant Start My Engines!! Help Please

    the ford fuse box is not with the engine just imagine i have the 2 engines with harness but i dont have fuse box i try many times to start just with the 6 cables to the battery the fuel pump work and the vp44 click so that tell me maybe he is right..... the pump send diesel to the injectors but i feel i miss something like when you turn the key to start something like that i know i dont have any other cable from the inside
  13. I Cant Start My Engines!! Help Please

    oh thanks i think i can do a lot with that
  14. I Cant Start My Engines!! Help Please

    ok thanks
  15. Good afternoon everybody i have 2 engines the first is a 1998.5 cummins 24vl w/o trasmission with harness the secound is a 2000 cummins 24vl with trasnsmission w/o harness both are on the ground im plannig to put in my 2003 ford f250 my question is 1: i can start the engine (2000) with the harness of the 1998.5? 2: i need the fuse box to start the engine? 3: the sensors need the connection to start the engine? Remember......i dont have a fuse box when i buy the guy say he need so i cant get i have some colors from the harness...in a video on youtube they say they can start the engine just with 6 cables from the harness to the possitive on the battery green black orange black brown white red black red white red green and this is the video Thanks in advance im from panama by the way so its really hard to find somebody who can deal with my engines