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  1. Great work and fantastic information!
  2. whitzach


  3. If you have posi traction they won't turn at all in park.
  4. Hey Mopar man, just wanted to let you know that September 1, 2018 my wife and I found out that my youngest son (24) has a brain tumor with the help of Stanford and the grace of God his tumor is shrinking down and next month he will do radiation for 6 weeks and hopefully getting back to normal, when I received your reminder to get my tickets I was setting in the hospital with him doing his last round of chemo, so I just wanted you to know that the good lord is out there watching over you as well and I personally will be praying for you and your mom, so stay optimistic, all of us will keep you in our prayers. Thanks and take care, Richard
  5. Very good information, i rebuilt my trans last July and i noticed the options on the 2nd gear band adjustment, range from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 never 3, but when you have the pan off and shoot it with the air test it locks up tight and room for more, so i am sure 3 will lock up just as tight and gives a bit more clearance for the band.
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