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  2. Okay should I start with those numbers for a baseline? Im on stock injectors. I’m also doing a 4:10 swap right now finished the rear yesterday gonna start the front today. Should bring my final ratio to about 3:69. I know rotational weight still has its effect but the gears should help quite a bit still
  3. That is your pinion depth. If you don’t have the tool to set this you will have to change the shim thickness until you get the right pattern
  4. Around 800 pretty high and I’m not happy with it. You think too much timing? Also on stock injectors still at 210k
  5. Funny I’m doing a 4:10 swap right now, watch eBay for a genuine Dana to pop up if your patient lol I got one for 70 bucks to my door. Dana 70 parts are a little more expensive so I just bought new genuine Dana off rock auto for 200 bucks.
  6. I wonder if this is why they made the gearing change to 3.73 on third gens. If you ran 30in tires you would be very close to this and my dads 03 gets 22 on the highway. I assume the motor may flow a little better but the output hp and tq numbers are the same between an 01 and 03. I wonder what mpg will be with the 30s
  7. Yeah I have a 96 1500 and the headliner is significantly larger. Also because of the suicide doors on 98.5-02 they made them smaller for some reason. I did have to stretch mine a little but just remember the more you stretch it the more it wants to pull off the fiberglass. If you see in the photos above it just barely fit side to side. I’m curious how difficult it’s gonna be to get it out of the 96 cab with only having one door.
  8. You probably just sucked air through the fass. 1/4 tank on my truck is actually an 1/8 and I found this out the hard way when I ran out of diesel just as the needle hit the 1/8 mark. When this happened my gauge jumped to 20psi and then dropped straight to zero. I usually refill just below half now and my gauge hasn’t fluctuated at all. Fill ups are about 20 gallons typically, which doesn’t make sense if it’s just below half considering the tank is only 32 G iirc
  9. It’s headliner fabric, Joann’s sells It. More of a foam roll with the fabric glued to it. Same material the upholstery shops use. it’s the grey they have black grey and tan and the grey matches very well. I used pyratex it was 10 dollars cheaper than the 3M stuff but I have a feeling that will come back to bite me as I live in AZ with 110 degree heat. So far so good though.
  10. I too am curious I re upholstered my headliner and found some visors in better shape out of a yard but I don’t think there is anyway to wrap them without stitching them. To me it wasn’t a job for a do it yourselfer. Also get your material from Joann fabrics and use a coupon off their website mine costed 20 bucks plus the adhesive. It matched perfectly too.
  11. If I have to change the carrier it seems like it’s not worth the money. The reason there so cheap is because there used, the ad says it’s out of a Dana 60 so I’d imagine genuine spicer. I’ve never done a gear change myself, my dad will be helping me who has done several on jeeps.
  12. I have a 47re rebuilt about 30k ago. I can find gears on eBay for around 300 bucks front and rear plus an install shim kit. I did a calculation and I need around a 3.94 ratio for 35s so I feel like I could go with either or. Just wondering how 4:10s would do on the highway.
  13. You might try looking for a cad file online then writing the program for it. You will probably spend 3/4 the money it would cost to buy one on material also considering your first run goes perfectly.
  14. Im looking into re gearing my truck to accommodate 35s, I’m kind of stuck between 3:73 or just going with 4:10. Is anyone running these setups and how does it do. Also is there an equation to calculate final ratio with the bigger tires? My MPG is like 12 it town and 15 on highway with the quad. I think gearing should fix my problem.
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